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Horrible Hitler

May 19, 2013

What a busy and interesting day we had today and luckily perfect weather with wall to wall sunshine and blue skies!  After a yummy breakfast buffet we hopped onto our tour bus at 8:30 am and headed out on a sightseeing tour with a local guide to see all the main sights of Berlin and we learned so much about everything on this 3 hour tour. We got off from time to time to take some pictures  and see things up closer. For the rest of the day we were on our own, so Trevor and I decided to take a walking tour with a local company called the Third Reich Berlin Tour where we had an excellent guide, Rob, who took us through the captivating history of the rise and fall of Hitler’s Third Reich. It was a 3.5 hour tour and our heads are crammed with history. This guy was really dynamic and we both were mesmerized by this tour. It was finished about 5:30 pm but we still had not had enough, so we toured a couple more of the many museums in this city.  Interesting to go to the Otto Weidt’s Workshop for the Blind Museum where we learned how he helped do many Jewish people at great risk to himself and we saw the secret room where he had hidden several people. We were pretty distressed after visiting the  Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and Information Centre! I was in tears reading the tributes; stories; videos and photos about the sad, sad persecution of so many millions of innocent people by Hitler’s Third Reich. A horrible time in the history of humanity but an incredible day:  Brandenburg Gate; ImageImageCheckpoint Charlie; The Soviet Memorial; SS and Gestapo Headquarters; Charlottenburg Palace; Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church; Tiergarten Park and on and on..amazing…. and lots and lots of great photos. Tomorrow, off to Poland!ImageImage

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  1. Suzanne Smith permalink

    I bet it was very sad. Poland will be great too and fantastic polish food. Where did upu stay ladt night in a hotel? Did you share a room or arevu two on ypur own

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  2. Barbara permalink

    You have enjoyed so many varied and enriching experiences so far. I’m sure there will be many more as you embark on the bus tour.
    Please keep up the blog, for the sake of all your armchair traveller fans

  3. Denise permalink

    Hi Kathy and Trevor: I am glad small Nazi museums are included in Canadian War Museums as the one I visited in Montreal. I too cried for the death of many people on both sides of the war. Good news is that we are all part of yesturday, history and we can make for a peaceful history beginning today, for tomorrow. Not all will be perfect, although we can start within ourselves and watch the goodness pass to those in need of peace in their hearts. You have given me a peace from the love you have for orphans, and children in need. Thankyou. God bless you. Love Denise 🙂

  4. Marg permalink

    So much history, good and bad. Enjoy your Globus tour. That’s what we took in Italy. It was great.

    Marg and Greg

  5. Gary permalink

    Its crazy how Berlin will ALWAYS be remembered for WW2 over anything else. I bet its beautiful there.

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