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(Harry)Potters Bar?

May 30, 2016

Sunday, May 29, 2016 Day 28

Today was a very interesting day full of a few challenges. Trevor was to come out to Ealing from Rochester and that meant an early start for him and Sarah as they had to train all the way out here and then get back again into London for a day of training they were required to attend set up by Engage the company that brought them here for 11:00 am. Katharina and I were excited to see them and we had the table ready with scones and clotted cream accompanied by a cup of Typhoo! We would meet them at the tube station here at 9:20 am. Oops ! Got an email message they missed their train by seconds and would now not arrive until 9:53 am! We happily met them and came back for a quick stop and luggage drop-off, then walked them back to the station! But

at least they made it and got to visit with Katharina a little bit on the walk there and back and for a short time here. I had a dilemma. I was invited to Potters Bar, a town north of London, by my CS friend Celina, a Polish girl Trevor and I had the great fortune to CS with in 2013 while travelling in Italy. She is now in England and we were excited to meet again but the only time we could do so was today. Feeling it was not going to work out time wise, I had sadly cancelled Saturday night, but then found out after talking with Trevor that they would not be back until later in the evening, so I decided I would go after all, sent her an email but did not know if she would get it due to her working all day until 4:00 pm. I decided to take a chance. It was a little tricky train- wise to get there but arrived about 4:45 pm as per our original plan, had trouble finding her place but had someone call her cell number and no answer! I was sad but thought “Oh well, I can say I have visited Potters Bar,” but found her house and rang the bell and I was so happy when Celina answered the door! She had just read my email that I was planning to arrive. We were both excited to meet again. I had a lovely visit and barbecue with her and Robert. I had to catch the 8:04 train to get back home by 9:45 to meet Trevor and Sarah, as I had the only key to the B and B and got to the station and the train was cancelled.!!!!!! Celina was with me and we did to know what to do as it listed the next train at 10:04 pm, meaning I would not get home until just before midnight IF that train was running! I felt worried for Trevor and Sarah…in the end we found a bus I could get into London. It was actually a nice trip sitting on the top deck right at the front and seeing the towns etc we travelled through and the pretty countryside, instead of being underground on the tube. The incredible thing was as I jumped off the train from London at Ealing and was starting to run to get to the flat, I saw some other people running and it was Sarah and Trevor !!! We had been in the same train! So a happy ending. After Katharine had left around noon, I headed into London and went to an area called Shoreditch High Street, a trendy and artistic east end area, with a lot of building art and I liked the teddy bear one best, as I love teddy bears, and walked down Brick Lane Road, a large flea market. Trevor and Sarah had visited it and recommended it. It was packed and interesting to visit, lots of food vendors and some  buskers etc but after an hour or so I was okay to leave. I needed to get to St. Pancras train station and decided I could walk it and enjoy the sights and sounds along the way, instead of catching the tube. Along the way it was cool to read a sign that said , ” Your independence lets you tell your own story.” I like that! It really intrigues me the fashion of knees ripped out of jeans that so many imagewomen over here are wearing and they likely paid big bucks for them and it is such a contrast to the poor people that live in third world countries who have no choice but to wear ripped clothing. It does not make sense to me.

So fun to have Trevor and Sarah here for the next few days! I am a happy M😍M!


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