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Lost Your Car Keys?

June 10, 2016

This is my book I created in memory of my beloved daughter xoHeather Sadlerxo from Pakenham, Ontario who was killed in a hit and run alcohol related crash at age 21, in 1999.
According to MADD Canada, approximately four people are killed and 175 injured daily in drunk-driving crashes. We do not want impaired drivers on the road! We do not want them to put their keys into the car’s ignition!

This is where the idea for this book came from. Although we wish impaired drivers would lose their car keys or have some thoughtful person take them away, the rest of us don’t like losing ours. Although not funny at the time, the retelling of the many incredible stories about this very situation often becomes quite humorous!

Contact me if you wish to order a book from me directly or it is
available on if you wish to order it for only $20.00 total (tax in). 

All Proceeds from the sale of this book go to MADD Canada and to the Canadian Diabetes Association as XoHeatherxo was insulin dependent diabetic.

We love and miss you. XoxoxoxoxoxMOM😍

Thank you! 🎈🎈


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  1. Farrah permalink

    Cool! Can’t wait to order mine!

  2. Gary permalink

    Very proud of you! Lots of hard work for sure! Heather would be proud!

  3. Helina permalink

    Congratulations Kathy on getting this to fruition! xoHeatherxo would be proud indeed. I’ll spread the word and pick up an order from you when when we meet.

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