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Short and Sweet

May 27, 2016

Thursday, May 26, 2016 Day 25

A nice quiet bedroom and a good sleep. Tea with James with some yummy cookies Diana had given me and a nice chat with him before heading out for the day to do some exploring. James made me a little map so I used that for my touring. The first place I wanted to visit was the Robert Napier School in Gillingham that Trevor and Sarah were both placed at by the Engage headhunting company that wooed them to go to England to take the teaching contract for the year. It turned out to be a horrible placement and they both struggled to do a good job but it could not happen with the students being totally out of control, throwing chairs, swearing etc.  Finally after working like dogs for the first term, they both got out of that contract and accepted a new one, same pay, to supply teach each day and it has worked out much better because at the end of the day they can leave the classroom and do not have to take home hours and hours of marking and preparation for nothing! They finish about the 22nd of July and  will not be renewing. As I approached the school there was a group of about 8 teenagers on the corner acting really irresponsible and I was a little nervous as I had heard how bad the students there were. I entered the school and the secretary was lovely but when I asked to speak with the head master I could not without an appointment and it probably was just as well. I really just wanted to learn more about the English education system and get his view on the school motto ” Excellence in All We Do” ??!! Kudos to Trevor and Sarah for surviving the ordeal. It can only be uphill in the teaching world after that! The area I was walking in was pretty dirty and rough, I felt and at one point I smelled marijuana in the air only to see about  6 school aged boys lurking in an alleyway  whooping it up! I laughed when I came upon a ” Take me ” sign posted on some  used furniture in someone’s yard and  I could do nothing about it!!! A nice bookcase and table..perfect for kijiji sales! Lots of second hand furniture stores loaded with goods in the area.
So Trevor lives in Rochester and I am staying in Gillingham and they are both part of what is called The Medway Towns along the River Medway in County Kent in south east England. It is about an hour’s walk from James’ to Trevor’s and I chose to do it so I could explore and walk along the river and also pass through Chatham, another of the Medway Towns. I loved being outside today as it was sunny and pleasant and such a nice change. I saw and did lots of things. I especially enjoyed the Guildhall Museum  which also celebrates Charles Dickens who lived nearby and many places in Rochester are featured in his books. They have a couple of festivals throughout the year here to celebrate this famous author. Touring the old castle grounds is so beautiful and also lovely to enter the Rochester cathedral  which is  14oo years old. I lit a candle for xoHeatherox when I was in there. About 5:30 pm I  stood down by the corner whereby I could meet Trevor coming home off the train.  He looked so handsome in his nice suit!image Sarah and Trevor live in a lovely old flat with 12 units overlooking the old Rochester castle remains and its beautiful grounds and their address is actually Castle Hill. We walked up to the Main Street called High Street and caught a bite to eat at a nice little restaurant, of which there are many on this famous old street. I like walking so after leaving Trevor and Sarah about 8:00 pm, I walked back to my CSer’s and after a nice cup of tea and chat with James, time to hit the sack. Very beautiful in this historic area and best of all was hanging out with Trevor and Sarah, and

even though our time together was was sweet!!!


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    The Rochester Castle is very old and the only one standing since the 12th century. Similar to the standing bridge in Pakenham. The history is remarkable. Thankyou for the journey through Holland, Paris, and England. Life experience is the best teacher. See you. 🙂

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