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Lost Your Car Keys?

This is my book I created in memory of my beloved daughter xoHeather Sadlerxo from Pakenham, Ontario who was killed in a hit and run alcohol related crash at age 21, in 1999.
According to MADD Canada, approximately four people are killed and 175 injured daily in drunk-driving crashes. We do not want impaired drivers on the road! We do not want them to put their keys into the car’s ignition!

This is where the idea for this book came from. Although we wish impaired drivers would lose their car keys or have some thoughtful person take them away, the rest of us don’t like losing ours. Although not funny at the time, the retelling of the many incredible stories about this very situation often becomes quite humorous!

Contact me if you wish to order a book from me directly or it is
available on if you wish to order it for only $20.00 total (tax in). 

All Proceeds from the sale of this book go to MADD Canada and to the Canadian Diabetes Association as XoHeatherxo was insulin dependent diabetic.

We love and miss you. XoxoxoxoxoxMOM😍

Thank you! 🎈🎈


Lots of Hugs

Thursday, June 2 , 2016 Day 33

Unfortunately, this morning I woke at 3:45 am and not for love nor money could I get back to sleep but I am heading to bed shortly. 10:00 pm here in Ottawa but 3:00 am in England so I have almost been up for 24 hours! Funny I am not tired. Hope I sleep somewhat normally.  Trevor, Sarah and I had a bite of breakfast together and we tidied up the B and B as we were all leaving this morning. They are heading to Liverpool for 2 days as they are on holidays until Sunday and I am heading home. It is hard to believe I have been gone since April 26th, when I went first to Rodger’s in New York to look after my sweet grandchildren, while he and Andrea took a few days’ vacation to Berlin, Germany. On the 2nd of May I started my Europe holiday and now returning the 2nd of June! It has been a real whirlwind and every single day was amazing, exploring some beautiful cities and countryside and sharing good times with friends and family. I was sad to say goodbye to Trevor. I love 💕💕him so much! The 2 of us living together since 2005, of course I miss him tremendously, as he was not only my son but a wonderful companion and friend. I caught the tube and arrived at Heathrow Airport in good time and the flights with United Airlines were great! The food was fantastic; I chose the chicken curry and was surprised when after the meal they came around with a hot cup of tea and a little tub of ice cream flavoured, strawberries and clotted cream!! Yummy! I had 2 flights, changing at Dulles, Washington. Between London and Dulles I watched 3 films as I seldom ever watch a movie. I loved the 3 I picked. The first one was Creed and great to see Sylvester Stallone back in the ring but this time as a trainer; the second London Has Fallen starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman, both favourite actors of mine. Very interesting to watch it after having spent the last week there, as I could relate to all the London scenes. The third movie was The Lady in the Van starring the incredible Maggie Smith; love her too and the movie is based on a true story. I had a window seat and had to keep my blind down as the SUN was shining brightly the whole way over….Hated to do that when I was finally seeing it after so many dark, dreary, damp, drizzly days of English weather!! Hey, another quote I heard and like today : If you find something you care about, care about it deeply!! Dulles airport was crazy busy with long lineups to get through and when I arrived in Ottawa, an unfriendly customs agent gave me quite a grilling, emptying my backpack, purse etc and he thought he hit the jackpot when he pulled out the plastic bag with lovely white powdery mints my friend Jackie, the ex-mayor of Ottawa gave me when I stayed with her in the Netherlands! Now that would have been quite a story if somehow a mysterious substance appeared in them! He took them away and tested them and I actually was a little nervous..stranger things have happened! Made me realize how careful you
must be with your bags etc .
Already I have a busy schedule now that I have arrived home, heading off early tomorrow morning to Gatineau to a very interesting symposium, sponsored by the Federal Justice Department, for victims and survivors of different types of violence. The agenda looks amazing! Every day is full and busy with commitments and my life of leisure for the last month is over unfortunately! 2 things I must attend to right away are making an appointment to see what damage I did to my big toe on my right foot. I stubbed it badly the second week and it has been swollen and extremely painful day and night and I have done my best to ignore it without meds. Thank goodness I was still able to get around ..Yikes, it could have been worse! Is it cracked or just bruised? Likely nothing can be done but I would like to know the reason for the pain. The second is I must get busy selling my book I have written in memory of XoHeatherxo, as I picked up a shipment at the publisher’s on my way home from the airport tonight, when Gary picked me up. I need to quickly recover the costs I laid out so I can carry on and raise funds for both Madd and the CDA, as all proceeds go to these 2 charities. I am so happy and thankful to all the people who contributed stories and art work to reinforce the message that we do not want impaired drivers to put their keys in the ignition!!!!4 people killed daily in Canada….Why don’t people get the simple message NOT to drink and drive?!!! It is a great book!
A big goodbye hug to Trevor and a big hello hug to Rodger, who I will see next week, Tracy, Gary and Bryan. Yay! My children are what I live for! 💗💗💗💗💗💗



Wednesday, June 1, 2016 Day 32

Sarah had planned the day for us to go to Oxford, a famous city in south east England. I was happy to do whatever she and Trevor wished to do. We left early in the morning as we were to catch the 7:40 am tube into St. Pancras Station in London and from there catch the hour long train to Oxford. We were lucky to get a seat with a table facing each other so we could chat better on the way there. We talked about their plans upon returning to Canada after their contract finishes July 22 and in time for Gary’s wedding, July 30. They are “up in the air” at the moment; their main goal is to get into teaching in Ontario and it will be great to have them much closer to home!!! Oxford is very famous for its University of Oxford, the oldest one in the Englsih speaking world with instruction as early as 1096. It is composed of 38 colleges , with the most popular being Christ Church, where scenes from the Harry Potter films were created. There are over 80 Nobel Prize recipients associated with Oxford University. Our first stop was the Museum of Natural History which opened at 10:00 am and it was free so we had an hour there before we were to meet up with the free walking tour at 11:00 am. The museum was awesome and I loved the section about BEES, which was a special exhibition exploring the world of bees. We then joined our 2 hour walking tour with a great guide who took us around the university, sharing his knowledge with an added flair of storytelling and quotes..such as this one from Oscar Wilde , an Oxford student and of The Importance of Being Ernest fame, ” Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Unfortunately it was freezing cold, rainy and miserable weather, although you soon get used to it here, I think. I can hardly imagine hot and sunny anymore! We came across a group of graduate students who were celebrating with some starnge antics and then jumping into the river with all their clothes on….Brrr!!! We saw and learned a lot during this educational tour. We were hungry after the tour so we headed to a Pret a Manger, a popular eating spot and grabbed a light lunch, before heading out to do more exploring. We made our way to the Bodleian Library, where over 12 million print books are stored and is used by the University students and paid for a tour of this beautiful historical building. There was a chair there that had been salvaged from Francis Drake’s ship..I remembered studying about him in public school! When that was finished we walked over to the Shakespeare’s Dead and the Bodleian Treasure displays, being cognizant of the time, as we were to go into the Christ Church Cathedral for another paid tour before it closed for visitors at 4:15 pm. I was excited to see the Magna Carta document, again remembering learning about that many years ago in my history lessons.  We really liked the Christ Church self guided tour, especially getting into the big dining hall of Harry Potter fame. We loved this Great Hall which was replicated as the dining hall at Hogwarts. I snapped a photo of Trevor going down the grand staircase where Professor Mcgonagall welcomed Harry in the first film. We walked around the Christ Church meadow area and came across a plaque on the wall celebrating James Sadler so Trevor James Sadler posed beside that too. We soon headed off to have supper in the famous pub mentioned by our tour guide : Turf Tavern and aside from the famous people who have frequented it, the food was delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed my British Beef and Ale pie. Trevor and Sarah had the  Sausage and Mash, both meals being traditional English meals and they enjoyed their meal as well. Back to the train station in Oxford, snagging a table again and playing a fun game on the way back to St.Pancras in London and then tubed to South Ealing . Home by 9:00 pm and I won the Uno card tournament with Trevor! A fun, interesting day once again, well planned by Sarah; best of all for me was spending it with my beloved son Trevor, who our whole family has missed while he is over here in England !!!! Good for him for spreading his wings and taking on the big challenge that he faced in a very difficult teaching assignment. Good job, Trevy!!

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Kinky Boots

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 Day 30

We awoke to another grey, drizzly, cold, windy day and headed out with raincoats as it did not look very promising but we had places to go and things to do. It was late morning when we got away, as a workman had to come to see why we had no hot water. I had eaten a lot at breakfast at our B and B, and was not hungry when Trevor and Sarah decided to stop at a nice restaurant in the city and grab a bite! I hated to not be hungry while there but they enjoyed their lunch before we moved on and walked to the amazing Victoria and Albert Museum. Free entry and I could have stayed there all day there were so many wonderful displays. I thought it was especially cool that in the theatre history area there were beautiful theatre costumes that people could try on and many were enjoying the fantasy of being a unique character in a Broadway play or musical. We left mid afternoon and walked and walked until we came to Chinatown, as Sarah thought we might all like to try this restaurant called Shuala Shuala, a “hot pot” experience. It was lovely and very popular and I wish I had understood better the concept, as I did the whole experience wrong and it was not until a Chinese couple sat beside me that I really understood what I was to do. Sarah and Trevor had watched me but just thought it was my own way and did not say anything. We laughed about it after. But we also had a good laugh when they confessed to me that the delicious candies Trevor was feeding me were named Smelly Feet! Trevor kept asking me what flavour they were and I just thought they tasted like a mild vanilla..Really not too much flavour …Thank goodness!! Haha..I like jokes and laughing! We were in the busy entertainment area already, so then we made the 10 minute walk to the Adelphi Theatre to see the highly acclaimed musical Kinky Boots. We all loved it and the fellow who played Lola, the transvestite, was fabulous! Home soon after 10:00 pm, after another great day!

Life is Good!

Monday, May 30, 2016 Day 29

After scones and clotted cream and jam for breakfast! we jumped onto the tube and headed into London for the day. Trevor and Sarah had made a good plan. We first stopped off at Leicester Square, the big entertainment area, and booked tickets for a Broadway musical for tomorrow night, Kinky Boots! There are so many great shows to choose from but we are excited to see this award winning show, based on a true story and with music and lyrics written by Cyndi Lauper of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” fame. We then jumped back on the tube and headed to Cambden Square/ Market, actually London’s 4th most visited tourist attraction, with approximately 100,000 people visiting each weekend and even Monday morning it was very crowded! We strolled around for a couple of hours enjoying the sights and sounds. I especially was in awe of the huge shop that had an incredible display of old sewing machines in the huge window. We grabbed a bite to eat from one of the stalls for many choices, it was difficult to choose! Into the afternoon we walked and walked and made our way to Marleybone, described by Wikipedia as “an affluent inner city area of central London, England, located within the City of Westminster, sometimes written as St. Marleybone.” It is confusing: inner-cities, cities, towns, me it is all London, England and I am loving being here with so much to see and do! Everyone should come to London like the famous nursery rhyme, “Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, where have you been? I have been to London to visit the Queen!” We continued on to Marleybone, as Trevor and Sarah had decided to treat me to afternoon tea. While there we visited a book store, museum  and a church. Afternoon tea is well known as a special thing to enjoy while in London. Sarah had done research on the best place to go and we had a reservation at 108 Pantry at the Marleybone Hotel for 4:30 pm. It was so nice and SO delicious and we relaxed and ate and chatted for a couple of hours and enjoyed having a wonderful young Polish man serving us! 3 courses including savouries: tiny sandwiches or appetizers: scones, served with cream and jam: pastries: cakes, sweets ..Lovely! It was not necessary for them to do this…..I was more than happy to get this B and B for us for our time together, which means so much to me!!!! Again,

I felt special and loved every minute of it! Back to our temporary home and Trevor whipped me at a game of Uno, before all settling in for the night.

Laugh, love, is good!

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(Harry)Potters Bar?

Sunday, May 29, 2016 Day 28

Today was a very interesting day full of a few challenges. Trevor was to come out to Ealing from Rochester and that meant an early start for him and Sarah as they had to train all the way out here and then get back again into London for a day of training they were required to attend set up by Engage the company that brought them here for 11:00 am. Katharina and I were excited to see them and we had the table ready with scones and clotted cream accompanied by a cup of Typhoo! We would meet them at the tube station here at 9:20 am. Oops ! Got an email message they missed their train by seconds and would now not arrive until 9:53 am! We happily met them and came back for a quick stop and luggage drop-off, then walked them back to the station! But

at least they made it and got to visit with Katharina a little bit on the walk there and back and for a short time here. I had a dilemma. I was invited to Potters Bar, a town north of London, by my CS friend Celina, a Polish girl Trevor and I had the great fortune to CS with in 2013 while travelling in Italy. She is now in England and we were excited to meet again but the only time we could do so was today. Feeling it was not going to work out time wise, I had sadly cancelled Saturday night, but then found out after talking with Trevor that they would not be back until later in the evening, so I decided I would go after all, sent her an email but did not know if she would get it due to her working all day until 4:00 pm. I decided to take a chance. It was a little tricky train- wise to get there but arrived about 4:45 pm as per our original plan, had trouble finding her place but had someone call her cell number and no answer! I was sad but thought “Oh well, I can say I have visited Potters Bar,” but found her house and rang the bell and I was so happy when Celina answered the door! She had just read my email that I was planning to arrive. We were both excited to meet again. I had a lovely visit and barbecue with her and Robert. I had to catch the 8:04 train to get back home by 9:45 to meet Trevor and Sarah, as I had the only key to the B and B and got to the station and the train was cancelled.!!!!!! Celina was with me and we did to know what to do as it listed the next train at 10:04 pm, meaning I would not get home until just before midnight IF that train was running! I felt worried for Trevor and Sarah…in the end we found a bus I could get into London. It was actually a nice trip sitting on the top deck right at the front and seeing the towns etc we travelled through and the pretty countryside, instead of being underground on the tube. The incredible thing was as I jumped off the train from London at Ealing and was starting to run to get to the flat, I saw some other people running and it was Sarah and Trevor !!! We had been in the same train! So a happy ending. After Katharine had left around noon, I headed into London and went to an area called Shoreditch High Street, a trendy and artistic east end area, with a lot of building art and I liked the teddy bear one best, as I love teddy bears, and walked down Brick Lane Road, a large flea market. Trevor and Sarah had visited it and recommended it. It was packed and interesting to visit, lots of food vendors and some  buskers etc but after an hour or so I was okay to leave. I needed to get to St. Pancras train station and decided I could walk it and enjoy the sights and sounds along the way, instead of catching the tube. Along the way it was cool to read a sign that said , ” Your independence lets you tell your own story.” I like that! It really intrigues me the fashion of knees ripped out of jeans that so many imagewomen over here are wearing and they likely paid big bucks for them and it is such a contrast to the poor people that live in third world countries who have no choice but to wear ripped clothing. It does not make sense to me.

So fun to have Trevor and Sarah here for the next few days! I am a happy M😍M!

Hotdogs and Hamburgers

Saturday, May 28 Day 27

We had breakfast at our B and B. It is a great little place with everything we need. We then walked to the South Ealing tube station to catch the train into London city centre where all the action is. There is so much to see and do and it is all so fascinating! London is made up of 32 boroughs and Ealing is a borough in the west of the city. We headed first to Hyde Park, 350 acres and one of 8 Royal Parks and enjoyed a couple of hours there, walking around the beautiful gardens and also relaxing along the Serpentine River and watching the pretty water fowl. We were glad to visit the Princess Diana memorial water fountain. As we departed the park we came upon another practice session of the Queen’s foot guards and as we were very close to Buckingham Palace, there were lots of spectators and so beautiful once again to witness the large troop of guards doing their routines. I loved the beautiful Wellington Monument and snapped a photo of it. There are so many incredible statues, monuments etc everywhere, celebrating the history of this historic  country. Before we knew it we were down to Trafalgar Square again. We kept walking and decided to cross the Thames on the Golden Jubilee Bridge and came upon a food festival that was happening and we walked around before deciding upon the “look mom no hands!” place to eat. We were both really hungry and each got a hot dog and coke .. Wow..Never thought I would spend $15 on a hot dog and coke but it was really delicious! Bryan would have loved the skateboard park there and for little kids there was the biggest sandbox I have ever seen with lots of kiddies having lots of fun. T

he sun was actually shining so we relaxed in the sunshine for awhile before heading out again, back across the Waterloo Bridge and took the tube to Covent Garden, which I had never been to before. It is a huge market area with lots of entertainment and we loved it there. We then headed through Leicester Square, another huge entertainment area with tons of theatres and so many plays and musicals happening. We were tempted to buy some last minute tickets at a discount for one of them but knew we would not get back to Ealing until very late so bypassed that idea. Took the 1/2 hour tube ride back to our B and B and were shocked when we could not get the key to work to get into the flat. We tried and tried and could not figure out what was wrong. Had I grabbed the wrong key somehow? It was so disappointing and our host had left an emergency number and we were about to call, when I knocked on the door of one of her neighbours and a kind fellow came out and wiggled and jiggled the key until finally it opened the door. We were so grateful and relieved! About 8:30 pm we headed up the street to a little Thai restaurant we had seen and had a lovely meal there for the same price as our hot dog!!! In the afternoon I had picked up some lovely scones and clotted cream to serve with jam when Trevor and Sarah come by tomorrow morning. They are coming early to catch Katharina before she has to catch the tube to head back out to Heathrow airport, back home to Hamburg, Germany. It is pretty funny that people from Hamburg are known as hamburgers! I am so happy she came all the way to London ..not to visit the Queen but to visit me..I feel very special!