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Eastside Gallery

May 19, 2013

DSCF6498 DSCF6504 DSCF6511Saturday, May 18, 2013

One of our CS hosts slipped out to the local bakery and provided us with some lovely, fresh tasty bread and cheese for breakfast before we headed off to our new lodgings at the hotel in Berlin. We thought we would drop our bags early with the possibility our room might be ready and it was! We joined up with our Globus Best of Eastern Europe bus tour today, so the next 2 weeks should be pretty amazing, as we will visit many interesting countries we have never been to before, with everything being organized for us. Our CS hosts told us some things we might do today, so we took their advice and headed out for some touring. We are in East Berlin and walked around an older section with some interesting old buildings, then we headed to the Eastside Gallery, an International Memorial with 106 paintings from people all over the world along a 1.3 kilometers section of the original 160 kilometer Berlin Wall.  This symbolic boundary between democracy and communism, erected in 1961, was thankfully torn down in 1989, but a few sections remain standing. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain but we had our umbrellas and made the most of our day. We then hopped on the tram and headed to the multicultural carnival that is being held this weekend and spent a good while there. It is an annual event, where all the diverse cultures of this approximately 3.5 million population city, set up booths and entertainment, so it was a fun time strolling along there. There were many others there in spite of the rain, but we were wet and cold so we were glad to head back to the hotel for a hot shower, and to get cleaned up for supper and to meet our bus tour group. Well, Trevor is the only “kid” with a lot of “golden oldies” but everyone seems really nice. There are 32 of us in all, from several countries, with the majority being from the States. A delicious meal was served and we retired soon afterwards to our room for a good night’s sleep, as tomorrow morning we are off to tour more of Berlin with our group.


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  1. Denise permalink

    Good for Trevor to experience the older aged group for better understanding of the days long ago. The older group are probably very happy to be with Trevor too, as he may remind them of their grandchildren back home. Love Denise 🙂 and canine Sarah “/

  2. Suzanne Smith permalink

    How does trevor feel about that he is the only young adult??? The berlin wall wow. Amazing. I am sure you will e joy the tour and see and do mny fun things as well as great meals too. Enjoy

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Gary permalink

    What is nicer? East or West Berlin? Its quite the story about the Berlin Wall. Good thing that craziness doesnt happen here in Canada….

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