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No Perogies Please

May 20, 2013

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Monday, May 20, 2013

A wake-up call at 6:00 am with bags to be outside our room door by 6:30 am. Buffet breakfast served until 7:30 am when we had to be at the bus. Love those buffet breakfasts! It was a long bus ride from Berlin to Warsaw, with a couple of stops along the way. Very flat country with beautiful farmland and forested areas along the way. We stopped in the river port of Poznan along the way for lunch. At 12 noon each day there is quite a spectacle with  goats and the town clock! Many people had gathered in the central  square to view the daily ritual where 2 goats come out of the clock and butt heads! We enjoyed watching it too. Poznan is absolutely beautiful! Our tour guide suggested we try the local perogies, so many of us sat down at a quaint eatery and ordered a plate each, having no idea the amount of perogies that would arrive on each plate!  Trevor and I managed to eat all of ours, but it was a struggle..even for me!! One plateful for 2 persons would have been more than sufficient and everyone was moaning about the perogies when we returned to the bus. We  finally arrived in Warsaw at 5:30 pm. Apparently the drive is much better now that they have the autobahn. It rained most of the day and was pouring so hard sometimes I wondered how the driver could see. However, the sun was trying to shine soon after we arrived at our destination, so hopefully tomorrow will be great weather-wise to do all our sightseeing in Warsaw. There is so much history with this country and we are excited to be here in Poland, a country that we know so little about. Being on a tour bus like this is great, as the tour guide is always telling you information and we have learned so much already!! After settling into our room here in the lovely hotel, we headed down to the dining area for another food feast; a lovely buffet dinner and thank goodness no perogies! We had some great conversations with the others at our table; Trevor is fitting right in with the mostly older couples with a few travelling solo. Many are or were teachers, so this is cool for him to talk with them as he wishes to be a teacher also. It seems most of them have done many Globus bus tours before as well and are all every well-travelled. I haven’t ventured yet to tell them we are often CSers..I think they would be shocked at that..haha.. but I think we have seen and done just as much as most of them, but on a much lower budget..until this latest indulgence which we thought we would try. So far, so good…

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  1. Barbara permalink

    Ah! East European food: tasty in moderation but sooo filling.

  2. RALPH MILLAR permalink

    Good for you Kathy. We spent the day Sunday up on Tracy and Stephen`s property. they did quite a bit of clearing brush. I helped for short periods.It is not really my kind of work. It was a cloudy day and ended up raining but I enjoyed the day other than Ralph leading us off track on the return to the car. We will tell you all about it some day. Stephen was not amused!!

    It sounds like you and Trevor are having the trip of a life time . The food sounds good. Keep on going. Have fun. Pat


  3. Denise permalink

    Terrrific to be with like-minded people. The saturation of historical information is the best, especially in person and glad that Trevor is happy talking with the group and fitting right in. I think the people would be absolutely intrigued by Trevor and your adventures travelling the USA 2011, China 2012 and now EU 2013 as CSers. Teach the teachers about life from an up-to-date way of travel….did you mention house swapping during the Summer of 2010? Love and all good come your way. Denise 🙂

  4. Gary permalink

    I think I would like this part of your trip the best. IM very intrigued by anything WW2. Must be very very cool to see all these things firsthandedly. Are you visiting Aushwitz by chance? If so, get some cool pictures!

  5. Suzanne smith permalink

    it is the best of both worlds Kathy seeing from the bus with touiristsand living with the csfers in reality!!!! you are so fortunate to get to do both like me…. a lot of peole would never couch surf and they loose big time!!!!! it is the best… ya you ge the odd weird one but as long as youa re not alone and scared it is great….. the fancy hotel is nice after all the backpacking too.. enhjoy!!!!! hi to trevor too…

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