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Hugs For Trevor

May 26, 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 Day 23

I slept well in the dorm, got up and headed downstairs for the yummy breakfast, included with your stay at St. Christopher’s Inns. I really like this hostel chain found in many countries in Europe, so clean and affordable and safe and welcoming! I got myself down to the Visitor Centre to join in the 10:30 am excursion to see the Changing of the Guard ceremony. When we bought our bus tour tickets yesterday some additional free tours were included and I wanted to do them all but unfortunately time did not allow that for me. There was a large group of us and we had an excellent guide who led us around for 2 hours, telling us lots of historical facts about beautiful London. The weather was a little drizzly, grey and cool again but at least not pouring rain, which it looked like it might do at any moment! I wish I could remember everything but it was especially fun watching the Queen’s foot guards preparing for a big celebration that is coming up. It was so amazing to watch the 100s of guards doing their routines and they do look like toy soldiers with the precision movements of their marching. We stopped and looked at so many things and were outside the home of Charles and Camilla and so many other historic places. I loved St. James’s Park and lovely to see so many people enjoying these beautiful grounds. After finishing up with this tour I decided I would get back on the “hop on hop off ” bus again and enjoy the 3 hour narrated tour about the city, although I actually was frozen

at some points. I could have sat below under cover but love sitting up on top so grinned and bared it! It was fun and interesting and learned again so many new things. Wow ..hearing about the Plague in 1665 and the Great Fire in 1666 was shocking and I looked both these events up on Google to learn more about what actually happened. incredible. We saw a lot of the architectural creations of Christopher Wren, creator of the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral where Charles and Diana were married. When the tour finished it was 3:30 pm so I headed to the train station and got myself a ticket to Rochester, Kent, east of London. The train stations in England are beautiful old buildings with so many trains and bustling with people. I got the 4:39 pm train and arrived at Rochester, just before 6:00 pm and walked along the street to meet up with Trevor at a preplanned location. I looked around and was so excited when I saw him walking up the street with Sarah, his girlfriend, who is also over in England on a teaching contract. I was so happy! I could not believe my eyes that I was finally seeing Trevor! They gave me a little tour of Rochester and we grabbed some chips and coca cola at a Chip Shop. We also returned to their tiny flat where there was no room for me to couchsurf as they have no couch!!! So I took a taxi and headed off to my prearranged Couchsurfer Jame’s home. James was not there and I was a little anxious but again, a most wonderful thing happened as he lives in a double unit and his neighbour welcomed me into his little place and made me some tea and assured me that James would return and called him for me. Robert and his daughter were lovely and I will never forget their kindness as they did not have to do that! James is a lovely young man(34) who welcomes CSers and we had a great chat before I settled into my own bedroom with a big double bed! Tomorrow I will get out and about exploring and will connect with Trevor and Sarah after their teaching day is done! Finally I made it to see my beloved son Trevor, which was the whole purpose of my trip to Europe..I just got a little sidetracked!!!! Yay! 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Tears of happiness for your reunion with Trevor. Hi Trevor and Sarah. The colourful flowers and the red uniforms of the guards are quite a sight. Rain and cool temperatures in England are the country’s weather trademark πŸ™‚ Cheers.

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