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May 28, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016 Day 26

I left James’ home about 10:00 am. Again, lucky to have met such a nice CSer and to be welcomed into his home with my own private room! I love Csing in my home and around the world. You meet such nice people and it saves a lot of money when you are travelling. Great concept used by millions around the world. Although the train station was about 5 minutes away, I felt like walking through the 3 Medway towns again. Interesting how much the tide was out on the river. The first 2 towns were pretty quiet but things got busier and more interesting once I arrived at Rochester. It really is a lovely historic town. Sarah had commented that she thinks the banners that are crisscrossing the main High Street have been put out there to brighten up the place as again, the weather was damp and cool and cloudy. I like the boxes that are provided at intersections to help you cross the streets. You push the button and shortly you will have access. I also like the beautiful cobblestone streets. Watching people walking around on high heels is interesting! I felt sad that I could not see Trevor and Sarah while in Rochester as they were both away teaching for the day, but I went and sat on the outside doorsteps to their flat and enjoyed watching the activity over on the Rochester castle grounds as it is always busy with tourists, students, families etc. I then decided to visit the tea room that they recommended and enjoyed Cream Tea, while overlooking High Street. Delicious!  Some interesting items for sale in the shop as well.  I have met so many lovely people on this trip and I was standing outside the tea shop wanted to take a photo of it when a kind lady came up and asked if I would like her to take a photo of me with the tea shop! When I ask people for directions many go out of their way to take me to where I am going etc . The  good news is that my real visit with Trevor is starting on Sunday, as they will come into London and we are going to stay at an Air B and B that I have booked for the next 6 days and we will do lots of fun things!  Good job for Trevor to locate this great B and B as it is really nice and affordable as well. My guide book Lonely Planet says London is the most expensive city in Europe to get accommodation and we looked and looked before finding this place. Hotels are a crazy price to get a decent one. Trevor and Sarah have holidays for the week and that is why I saved the best part of my trip for the last, spending time with Trevor! Yay! I caught the 2:00 pm train into London, as I needed to get out to the B and B I had booked to meet up with the owner on my way to Heathrow Airport! I had to go there to meet my friend Katharina who is coming for the weekend from Hamburg, Germany. She is a teacher there and Trevor and I became friends in 2011 when we were volunteering in Nicaragua. She is such a lovely person and has been to Ottawa to visit us and we have been to Hamburg to visit her and now we are going to meet up again! Trains, trains, trains..I have been on them a lot here and I love the fast efficient travel. The underground is especially amazing and you feel like a mole in a tunnel when you go down, down, far underground to catch the various train lines. Back to the B and B and then we headed out to the pizza place that was recommend by the B and B owner, the Santa Maria, wood fired pizzas. The small place was packed with people, lined out the door but we were able to order 2 pizzas and then we grabbed a few groceries at a nearby shop and returned to our B

and B. We laughed as we walked by the poster on the front window of a barber shop! Trump seems to be popping up everywhere, for better or for worse!


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    The English have a good sense of humour 🙂 Hope your weekend is full of fun and laughter.

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