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Where Are You Mr. Sun?

May 22, 2016

Saturday, May 21, 2016 Day 20

I love my beautiful cozy bedroom here at Paul and Diana’s and had a pretty good sleep on the extra comfy bed. Laurien popped over in the morning and we went for a little drive and ended up at McDonald’s, my first time to do so on this trip. I have been avoiding McDonald’s as it seems such a lame thing to do when you are travelling in an exciting foreign country and I remember Rodger and I being mad at ourselves when we did that on our first visit to England over 20 years ago! We wondered why we would do that when there were so many other interesting pubs etc where we could have grabbed a bite to eat. However, Laurien and I did it and had fun! We went back to his place and of course he made me Typhoo and Pam was able to find the season finale for Survivor on my iPad for me and I enjoyed watching that at their place as I was quite curious as to how it had ended. It was very good although my favourite player did not win! No wifi at Paul and Diana’s so I took the opportunity to watch it there. Back to Paul and Diana’s about 2:00 pm and as it was another grey, cloudy, cool, drizzly sort of day we just hung out. Diana does a lot of ancestry research and also collects a lot of interesting things so we had lots to talk about. I love the way their living room looks out onto their beautiful back garden and it is like an extension of their home and even though the weather is unpleasant, with all the bird feeders and birds who congregate and the pretty flowers it is really lovely. After another delicious supper, we watched a couple of cool shows such as Nothing to Declare about airline travel and and at 8:00 pm Britain’s Got Talent with Simon Crowell came on and I loved it!! The show American Idol is similar but this was far more exciting and last night they narrowed it down from 200 contestants to 40 and we found out the show is on every night this week so I will enjoy watching it here the next 2 nights at least! I wonder if the sun will come out tomorrow? I miss the sun! Even singing the Mr. Sun song I taught my kindergarten students is not helping!


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