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F is for Friendship

May 18, 2016

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 Day 16

Just realized day 16 is half way through my Europe adventures as I arrive home on day 32! The exciting thing is I am one week away from finally seeing Trevor, who left Ottawa mid-August for a one year teaching contract in England, along with his girlfriend Sarah, whom he met at Teachers’ College at Western University in London, Ontario. To visit Trevor was the primary purpose of my trip but when planning my trip to Europe, I felt I needed to see and do more while here and the latter part of the journey worked best to meet up with Trevor as he has a week’s holidays coming up.

Coventry is the 10th largest city in England and about 95 miles NW of London. I have visited Moira here before and I always have fun as she is one of my best friends. I was so sad when she moved back to England, after being my wonderful neighbour in Pakenham for several years. Today we mainly just hung out. In the afternoon we walked over to her neighbour and friend, Pauline’s, and I had several cups of tea and I giggled a lot because another friend was there and I honestly could barely understand what they were saying with their heavy British accents although I loved listening! It reminded me of one of the girls at the hostel in Paris from Ireland in my dorm and again I could barely understand what she was saying while talking to her…..But love the accents!! Corinne and Aidan were out to the zoo for the day with her dad.

Spent some time working in the garden again. It is incredible what Moira has done, for when she bought this home a few years ago the back yard was basically an empty yard and now it looks like the Botanical Gardens it has so many lovely plants and I am really sorry to not get to see it when everything is in full bloom.
The weather was pleasant today.
A relaxing time with wonderful friends.


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Lovely to visit with long time friends from time-to-time. Staying connected grows like a “family” as the years come and go. You are like an older sister…well….because you are a couple of years older than me 🙂 …and young in heart.

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