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Happy to Be Here!

May 17, 2016

imageimageimageMonday, May 16, 2016 Day 15

Climbed out of my cozy bed at the hostel in the dorm for 8, packed up my stuff, headed down for breakfast and off to the train station, already teeming with people heading to and fro. I liked St. Christopher’s Inn so much I have booked one night at their London Bridge location. Caught the Eurostar fast train to London and sat beside an older ( than me?) gentleman whose wife died 24 years ago and listened to his amazing travels! Wow! I need to get going to catch up with all he has done and continues to do..mountain climbing in the Himalayas and all sorts of cool things all over the world! He was inspiring! He is making every minute count! He had a big trip planned to Cambodia and Laos and his friend who was going with him dropped dead a week ago! We never know and need to grasp each day! Once in London, at the busy Easton station, I caught a second train up to Coventry, a 2 hour ride, to visit my good friend Moira Fox who used to live In Pakenham up the road from me.  The country side as both trains whizzed through both France and England, reminded me of Canada, beautiful expanses of wide open fields and lovely farm land. I loved when we were neighbours with xoHeatherxo, Gary and Bryan being in the same age range as her 2 girls Corinne and Allison. Allison and xoHeatherxo were best friends. We had such fun times. Her daughter Corinne is now my neighbour in Ottawa and we are both here, along with Corinne’s little boy Aidan. We will have fun for the next few days, as I leave Friday for my next destination. We worked outside in Moira’s incredible English garden. I can just imagine how beautiful it will be in another month or so! A lovely day reconnecting, with the weather being pleasant but still a little cool. I love her dog, Dillon, a rescue dog who loves Moira as much as she loves him!


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Good day and weeks ahead Kathy. The tall trees in the distance are very similar to those grown along farm laneways here in the Valley. I smile for you with your friends visiting 7 hours away from home. I can say you have met your match in meeting a gentleman who is an experienced traveller. You would have given him a few words of comfort and understanding at his loss and together share encouragement to continue living a full life.

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