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Paris is for Lovers!

May 16, 2016

Sunday May 15, 2016 Day 14

Back to the hostel at 11:15 pm!!! What an incredible day I had, galavanting all about Paris today, taking in as much as possible as I leave tomorrow morning, off to England for the next couple of weeks! Soon I will see Trevor, who was the purpose of this trip in the first place!!! Oh my gosh, what an incredible city, so much beauty no matter which way you go! Trevor had given me a little suggested itinerary, as he and his girlfriend Sarah, who is also on the same teaching contract as Trevor, spent a week here during recent holidays.

So after breakfast, a somewhat cloudy and cool day again, I made it to the metro station and headed to the area of Montmartre and went to the 2 spots Trevor recommended : the Moulin Rouge, famous for its cabaret show  on the same street as many SEX shops and then to the Basilica de Sacre Coeur. What a beautiful church! Thousands of people were there and a lot of steps to get up to the church but the view of the city was fantastic. A big lineup to get inside but worth it. It was cool walking along the boulevard in this area..lots to see. Then I left here and found my way to an area of the city know as Marais, recommended as a step back in time area by the tour guide the other day. I walked around, met these lovely ladies from Holland when I stopped and asked them for directions. They asked re my button and when I told them about xoHeatherxo they were so sympathetic and wanted to take my picture so we got someone walking by to take the photos. I had tears in my eyes as I talked with them because they so reminded me of xoHeatherxo and were close to her age today. XoHeatherox should be making this trip as she really wanted to travel! So sad!  From there I made my way to see the Notre Dame Cathedral which is very beautiful and famous and there is free entry but the masses of people and lineups were huge so bypassed entering. A few years ago I had the good fortune to visit Paris with Trevor and went inside then. It was stunning in its beauty! You can also pay to go up to the top, which is another wonderful experience. I then walked until I came to a bridge to take me across the River Seine to the Ile St. Louis, one of 2 islands within the city of Paris, the other being Ile de la Cite. There were buskers on the bridge with large crowds gathered. Also many areas had musicians strumming and singing.  I walked along the narrow streets and headed to the ice cream shop Trevor recommended; the Berthillion, got a yummy cone; Creme Caramel Sale..delicious! I then made my way by walking and the metro to the area known as The Latin Quarter, also known as the Jewish quarter, home of the famous Sorbonne University( 1257) and called the Latin Quarter as so many students, mainly speaking Latin from all over Europe, attended. I then found my way to the cafe Les Deux Magots, which Ernest Hemingway used to frequent. I had brought my book The Sun Also Rises with the intent I would get someone to snap a photo of me there with his book. Met a lovely lady from California and we ate a bite side by side at the little tables facing the street and she snapped my picture! Leaving there, as now it was after 7:00 pm and I wanted to walk to the Eiffel Tower.. I loved the walk there along the promenade by the River Seine. The place was teeming with people and also the vendors which seem to be everywhere and I think they come from outside of France, desperately pushing their wares, in spite of signs warning people not to buy from them! I suspect they all share one tiny apartment and do their best to get money to send “home” to their families in a much poorer country. Quite common. Loved watching all the activity and headed to the dock for the one hour boat cruise I had signed up for from 9:00-10:00 pm. It was awesome and so glad I did that!  So many beautiful bridges spanning the Seine River, actually 27 and one of the most  beautiful is the Pont Alexander 111. Unbelievable all the incredible buildings we passed and especially beautiful as darkness fell. As we cruised back towards the Eiffel Tower we caught the special light display which has the tower covered in sparking lights for about 5 minutes at 10:00 pm! My iPad did not capture the effects of this but it was pretty incredible! Out of the boat and followed the crowd to the nearby metro station and made it safely back after a very interesting day! So much much beauty… Paris is for lovers ..saw lots of those….and I love Paris!

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