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May 15, 2016

Saturday, May 14, 2106 Day 13

I had the best sleep I have had in a long time at Erika’s, waking at 8:00 am! The room was so quiet, not a sound to be heard from anywhere and I think that helped.
I said goodbye to my hosts about 10:00 am and headed to the bus station to take bus 171 to the Palace of Versailles, about 28 km southwest of the city. It was unfortunate that the lineup to get in was so long, but I had my Kindle books Andrea had given me, so did some reading on my IPad while waiting! Finally got my ticket for the palace, the gardens and visiting Marie Antoinette’s domain. I cannot remember when I have walked so much and finally exited the grounds at 6:00 pm. The palace

was begun by Louis XIII in 1623 as a hunting lodge, but enlarged into a royal palace by Louis XIV. It was expanded and expanded and now it is a museum and tourist attraction although some political functions are still performed there. There are over 5 million visitors annually! It was very beautiful to see everything but I found the excesses quite daunting. I guess I kept thinking of the people and homes in Nicaragua and Haiti and found the contrast very difficult to accept. However I enjoyed my day! I bumped into Leanna from our tour group from yesterday and we talked about how they looked for us to no avail. Apparently the tour guide had taken a sharp left, whereas the Dutch lady and I kept going straight. The tour ended about that time anyways so we did not miss anything. I bussed and trained back to St.Christopher’s Inn, the hostel where I will stay tonight and tomorrow night. I stopped at the Patisserie across the road and picked up a couple of yummy croissants for my evening snack. I really like it here and would recommend it to others. Great people, great lodging, great environment, great food and great price!


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  1. Bryan permalink

    Cool pics!

  2. Denise :) permalink

    Thankyou for the contrast of photos that teach. The beautiful, lovely people you met living in warmer climates when working in Nicaragua and Haiti are worth more than gold laden facades. … remember the after school photos of the view from atop the school roof :))

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