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Paris in the Springtime

May 14, 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016 Day 12

I had a great sleep in my cosy upper bunk bed in the female dorm for 6 that I stayed in last night. Each bed has a nice set of privacy curtains and a plug-in for your technology and a great night light. The comforter was super cozy and I could hear music from the bar downstairs but it was not too loud and I fell asleep quickly. I like all the girls I am sharing the room with. After showering and getting dressed and eating the delicious buffet style breakfast, included with your stay, I went to the lobby to join the walking tour scheduled for 10:00 am. There was a good turn out. We walked to the train station, got our metro tickets and headed down to Place St. Michel where many others had gathered to join the walking tour. We were divided into groups according to language and away we went. I really liked our tour guide, Nancy. She was so friendly and full of enthusiasm and knowledge. She was great! I learned a lot of historical facts about the many places she took us and showed us and I was surprised when I glanced at my watch and it was almost 1:30pm! Time flies when you are having fun! So I was walking and talking with another tourist from the Netherlands, when I suddenly said to her.” Where is our tour guide?!” She would always hold up her green water bottle as a marker and she was nowhere to be seen, nor were the other 27 in our group! It was strange as she had us check regularly and we were “assigned” buddies to do checkins with but everyone was gone! So the other lady decided to sit and relax near a beautiful pond with benches surrounding it and I kept going …never found the group! I think the tour was soon to be over anyways but I was sorry not to say goodbye to Nancy and some of the other nice people I met. I was fine as I saw the famous Arc de Triomphe in the far distance and made that my goal to get there, before catching the metro to return to the hostel to do a couple of things. I was pretty shocked as I was walking along the famous Avenue des Champs -Élysées and suddenly came upon a man crawling up the street in a very strange fashion. I very discreetly snapped his photo, as I really felt I shouldn’t but it was so strange to see how this man maneuvered I had to!! He had a cup out front as he slithered along the sidewalk.

It is strange to be walking about the streets here in Paris and no bicycles!!! I miss them. I returned to the hostel and sorted out a few things, then decided to head back to the metro station to take the train to the area where the couch surfer I am staying with lives. Wow! I could not believe the size of the metro station and it was pretty frustrating trying to figure out where I was to catch my train. Of course there were so many people coming and going in all different directions and so many trains available. Finally got on the right one and and made it to Pont de Sevres in lots of good time. Soon Erika arrived at the designated meeting spot and we walked to the apartment she shares with her boyfriend. Such a delightful young couple who truly welcomed me and we had a lovely evening and about 10:30pm Romain had cooked a delicious vegan meal and soon after we headed to our bedrooms, after talking about several ideas for my adventures for tomorrow!

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  1. Denise :) permalink

    I am surprised the trees along Avenue des Champs-Élysées are still looking healthy after all these years. Enjoy the days ahead 🙂

  2. Janet Allan permalink

    Hope you are using your French as much as possible. Paris is a beautiful city for sure . Have a great visit Abrazos

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