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A Funderful Day

May 12, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 Day 10

The sun has returned in all its glory and a great day to be outdoors! This morning Chris and I headed to the Netherlands Open Air Museum and park located near Arnhem which has imported antique houses, farms and factories from different areas of the Netherlands and it was fascinating! As soon as we walked into the park I noticed a lady sitting on a bench doing some incredible drawings and of course I had to speak to her. She spoke English, as most people here do, and was delighted that I took note of her artistry. She was so modest, a mom of 4 taking some time out of her day to do some drawings on her little sketch pad. I said she should be selling her work it was so beautiful etc and apparently for those who do Instagram you can find her work there. Her name is Corinne van der Vorst! Beautiful grounds and beautiful sites! So much to see. Loved going up into the windmill/sawmill; seeing the bed in the wall; the wax figures were so lifelike!  I asked Chris if he could drive me over the Arnhem bridge, that was the centre of the battle of Arnhem and we did it; another special memory. Lieneke was home from her university of Wageningen, having taken the afternoon off to spend time with ME!!! After a yummy lunch, the 3 of us headed out on our bikes for a great afternoon of cycling! Loved it! We biked for a couple of hours and the paths are so safe and easy to ride on once you understand all the rules. We biked to the area I was in the other morning, Eder-en Ginkelse Heide, a huge heathland area and it was so beautiful riding through there. We saw the sheep and military action taking place there once again.  We also stopped for some ice cream and then a little tea and cookies picnic which Lieneke had brought for us. Home sweet home again and Chris prepared a delicious barbecue which we enjoyed outside in their lovely back yard, the sun still shining brightly until 9 pm! A final 3 hand cribbage game, won by Lieneke and another fun day with Chris and Lieneke and of course Pong!

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I will be sad to leave tomorrow.


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Lots to visit and see in the Netherlands. I like the flipping of photos to allow for more snaps. Happy for you and smiling with excitement following on your journey 🙂

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