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Dutch Treat

May 11, 2016

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 Day 9

First day to see cloudy skies but still a nice warm temperature. Lieneke biked off to work/ university and soon thereafter Chris and I headed out on bikes to a local beautiful park where he wanted to do some hard-core running and he directed me to a good path to follow to take me to the “heath” and I enjoyed the scenery so much! It is actually also a dog park so it was fun to see so many people out with their dogs and as I continued  along the path I saw a huge herd of sheep moving towards me with the shepherd and his dogs herding them in my direction. So beautiful to watch. Looking across the “heath” I saw a large contingent of military personnel doing some training and actually I believe the whole park is part of a military compound. I wished I had my iPad to take some photos but unfortunately did not take it with me. Maybe we will bike there again tomorrow..hope so.
After returning to the house I took a little stroll up the street to another beautiful park with some lovely monuments. It was especially sad to read the Jewish one with the names of so many killed at Auswitch. Having visited Auswitch a few years ago and read so many books about this horrific part of our history, of course tears came to my eyes! We MUST remember!

In the afternoon Chris and I went on another adventure and it was so amazing. We went to the Airborne Museum in Hartenstein, Oosterbeek. Originally we were going to bike but after considering the route and distance, Chris thought we were better to take FIFI. He was worried about me finding the route too difficult. For me the worry would be the navigating all the rules applied to bikers… It is so different here. This museum is amazing . Visiting here you experience the Battle of Arnhem, part of the Allied  advance known as Operation Market Garden.  The museum is in the actual original headquarters for the operation. The artifacts and displays on several floors were so meaningful and the visual effects had such an impact as you relived the whole experience and sadly the Arnhem mission ended in defeat. All the people from Arnhem had to be evacuated for months,  leaving with nothing and suffering greatly. Many casualties for the locals, the Allies and the Germans. My dad, John Howie Wright was a military hero who was injured in Holland;  not sure if he was here or not. We then took a 3 and a half kilometre hike around the former battlegrounds and that was very interesting as well.

Chris picked up a hand lawn mower that he got off kijiji ( Dutch equivalent!) and brought it back and we took turns cutting the lawn in the beautiful back yard which had so many lovely plants and bushes. Then Chris prepared a delicious meal which consisted of spaghetti, vegetables and a cheese sauce ..he is a great cook and whips up tasty meals in minutes! Lieneke had a sport day at university where she is taking her PHD and arrived after supper. We had a fun evening, topped by a surprise

FaceTime with my son Bryan, and so ended another DUTCH TREAT day in the Netherlands!






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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Good experiences to visit places which hold memories of the past and where emotions live on. Thankyou for sharing.

  2. Gary Sadler permalink

    Lets hope the real thing is better then that movie we watched “Operation market Garden”….it was so confusing and hard to follow! Seems like your having fun. Please say hi to Chris and Line for me…they will miss the Great Glebe Garage Sale this year!!! Adios! As I was typing this I got a really weird phone number that called me. Was is you?

  3. Jackie Holzman permalink

    We also visited Oosterbeek a few days ago. Was your father.s plaque somewhere on the grounds? Lovely weather today. Btw, I passed garbage even tho I put the bin on the wrong street!

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Janet Allan permalink

    You are certainly making the most of your time in Europe. I especially enjoy reading about the history and local events. You are certainly filled with lots of energy and enthusiasm. 🌷 The tulips are now in bloom at Dow’s lake and are gorgeous.

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