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Ping Pong and Pong

May 10, 2016

imageMonday, May 9, 2016 Day 8

Lieneke and Chris both headed off to work on their bikes about 8:30 am and I did a few things around the house then went out for a walk about the town making sure not to get lost! I wanted to take a bike but I am nervous to ride her by myself. The roads are set up amazingly for bikers and easily identified by the red colouring but there are a lot of roundabouts and other markers that I might miss. Chris is working part time at the moment and was home soon after 1:00 so I returned then. We headed out in FIFI to do some errands and after enjoying some time in their beautiful back yard in the glorious sunshine, Chris fired up the barbecue and cooked some delicious food for us. Lieneke made one of my favourite Dutch salads, grated carrot with raisins and a vinegar and sugar dressing..yummy- and we all enjoyed sitting out while eating our supper, including their beloved cat from Canada, Pong! After supper we hung out and relaxed some more, played some cribbage ..yippeee I won..Chris is hard to beat!! and then watched one of their favourite tv shows before hitting the sack! Tomorrow Chris has some more aggressive plans for us..can’t wait!

I am glad I beat Siobhan at ping pong so I could come on my trip as I told her I could not go until beating her. She is really good and luckily I finally won one game!


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Granddaughter Siobhan is a good sport player. šŸ™‚

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