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Enjoying the Countryside

May 9, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016 Day 7

I had a most wonderful sleep in my beautiful bedroom and when I returned to my room after my shower, there was a surprise Happy Mother’s Day breakfast waiting for me. That was so thoughtful of Lieneke! It was decided we would all go for a bike ride and I was so happy, as when you are here and see everyone biking everywhere you want to do it too! Lieneke’s parents have several bikes at their home and Chris and Lieneke have a tandem bike they own here, so I got to ride tandem first with Lieneke, then with Chris. Now that was quite an experience, harder than it looks! But I loved it and we cycled together out to where Chris was from, about 8 kilometres from Lieneke’s home. They both attended the same high school and this is where they met, but Chris rode his bike in daily. It was a lovely ride on a beautiful morning. We visited his parents’ home in the countryside but they are travelling in Italy at the moment. Soon after we stopped at a lake and had a beverage and enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the lakeside. Returning home, we had a lovely lunch out back, before packing up and making another drive to an interesting tourist spot. It was such a pleasant time with Lieneke’s family and I was so lucky to be taken there. After saying goodbye we drove off in FIFI, their nickname for their little car which they just obtained. Gearka and I in the back being chauffeured up to the North East coast to Giethoorn, a quite little town known as the Venice of the North, with over 180 bridges traversing the many canals. You can rent one of many styles of little boats to take you along the canals, which can become quite congested with all the tourists, or you can walk about the area, which we chose to do. It was very beautiful. Most of the lovely homes in this small community( less than 3000 people) have reed or thatched roofs, which are very interesting to see. We enjoyed the excursion and returned to the car, arriving back at Chris’ place about 7 pm, the sun still shining brightly. Gearka stayed for supper, before heading by bus back to Utrech . We returned and imageimageimageimageimageimagefound Survivor on the Internet for me so I could catch up with that. A picture perfect day, once again glorious sunshine, blue skies and warm temperatures shared with very special friends..met through CouchSurfing, as Chris was my very first couchsurfer, arriving winter of 2011 from the Netherlands!


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Very happy for you Kathy 🙂 The time to rest, enjoy the beauty around you, and being happy is the best. The precious memories you have woven with people who you have touched in life. Where are we going next and who are we going to meet?

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