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Ter Apel

May 8, 2016

Saturday, May 7, 2016 Day 6

Woke up once again to a beautiful day of wall to wall sunshine and warm temperatures with the sun lasting until after 9:00 pm, every day since I have arrived! Said goodbye to Jackie and John for their wonderful hospitality and they drove me to the central train station in Leiden for the 2 hour trip to Ede, where Chris and Lieneke were waiting for me with their new little Fiat car FIFI. It was wonderful to see them again! They took me to their new home they are renting and it is a lovely home situated on a gorgeous property. Pong, their cat, sneaked through and I was happy to see he is doing well. After dropping my stuff off, we walked to the nearby market square and picked up a couple of things. They immediately treated me to some pofferjets which were delicious! The “tour de Italy” was passing through and hundreds of people were lining the street to see this right in front of their home. We sat out in their garden to enjoy a tasty lunch, then at 2:30pm we headed by car to Lieneke’s parents’ home in Ter Apel, a picturesque 2 hour drive and looking out the window as we drove through the countryside, it looked a lot like our beautiful Ontario farmland.  Arriving at Lieneke’s parents’ place, right across the street from a canal, her parents are so friendly, kind and welcoming and the rest of the day was very enjoyable! Lieneke’s younger sister Gearka also was visiting. The home is a gorgeous almost 100 year old estate! Beautiful yard that both her parents work hard to maintain and I was completely entranced with the tour inside ! Wow! I have never been in such an amazing home! It is huge with so many rooms and each so tastefully decorated! I just cannot describe it properly. Mom made us the most incredible meal which we enjoyed outside. When the delicious soup was served, I thought that was the supper! But follow that was ham, hard boiled eggs, salad, potatoes, broccoli, asparagus with sauce. Again I thought the homemade applesauce was dessert but the real dessert followed later which was a delicious homemade cheesecake! We then all took a stroll around the neighbourhood and went to visit the uniquely designed high school that Chris and Lieneke attended. Dessert and tea followed, again sitting outside and soon after 9:30pm we came into the home to play a fun game of cribbage, soon settling into our bedrooms for the night. I feel like a queen in my beautiful room, with my own private balcony overlooking the lovely back yard! I am so happy to be here with all these loving, happy people!

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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Beautiful architecture. The snap of farm land looks very similar to the 11th. line of Pakenham just past the RCMP horse stables…trees and all.

  2. Gary Sadler permalink

    So cool you got to meet up with them over there! Tell them I said Hello!

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