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Liberation Day

May 6, 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016 Day 4

Today is Liberation Day in the Netherlands, celebrating the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany during World War 2. As my father was with the Canadian Armed forces during this time,  I wanted to pay tribute to him by being here.

I went with Jackie and John to Den Haag this morning. It is officially known as the Dutch seat of government and a short drive from Katwijk. Another beautiful sunny day with pleasant temperatures. Jackie had read about a celebration parade that was to arrive at the Peace Palace so we headed there and waited for its arrival. We then headed into the centre of Den Haag to locate a lovely restaurant my son Rodger had told me about but had trouble locating it, so settled for a sausage type snack at the Dungelman. After walking around a bit in the busy downtown area we returned to the car and headed to Mia’s home, one of the local persons who showed us around the tulip garden yesterday. Jackie needed to retrieve her jacket she had left in her car yesterday and she invited us for tea. That was at 4 o’clock and at 9:30 pm we have just arrived home after spending a lovely time with her and her husband. Their home is absolutely beautiful.. Built I think she said in the 1890s and when they bought it, the landlord who was renting it had never bothered to fix it up , which turned out to be a good thing as it was left in bad shape but in its original style. They totally repaired it to its stunning 1890s decor .They also collect antique paintings and have so many wonderful pieces of art. We all went out for supper to a Thai place and enjoyed a delicious meal and camaraderie. They are all so wise and I learned a lot from the conversations tonight, mainly pertaining to the 2nd world war. Sadly, when we returned to our home in Katwijk, a dog had been killed right in front of it and a big gathering including the police were out front.

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  1. Gary Sadler permalink

    Sooo sad about the dog. Don’t let Brit read this post…haha. Must be neat being there thinking about your Dad, knowing how scary and stressful it was back then. Your friends seem very nice! You definitely have friends in low places!!! love you

  2. Bryan permalink

    Beautiful pictures Mom! Good for you! Love you lots! Xoxo xoxo

  3. Denise :) permalink

    Very good weather. Lots of fun being retired 🙂

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