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We Saw the Sea

May 3, 2016

Tuesday, May 3 , 2016 Day 2

Had a strange route with my free Aeroplane points and panicked as my Ottawa -Chicago flight was late and arrived minutes before the Chicago flight to London and was quite distressed… Except I was an hour early!!!! Luckily the time had changed! Great flight; did not sleep though and no good movies  but the view flying into Amsterdam from my window seat was so beautiful!  Hung out at the airport  for awhile trying to get my iPad charged as l need it to take pictures. On the street, love watching all the people go by on their old fashioned bikes! Finally met up with my friend Jackie and her husband in Leiden after taking the train there, and we had a great day. They are doing a house swap with…It is so awesome to do that and loved my past experiences! No lodging fees and your empty house is put to good use! Jackie and John just arrived yesterday from Ottawa so we did a few groceries, had a yummy lunch then off to The North Sea and enjoyed walking along the beautiful sand beach and even though the temperature was quite cool today, some people were in the water ..brrr..apparently this place here is a tourist haven in the good weather. Big waves and lots of surfers. Visited some old and famous buildings and then headed home to enjoy the evening with a delicious meal cooked by Jackie and John.

Disappointing as cannot get my pictures up but been up since 5:15 Monday am and it so now almost 10:45 Tuesday evening so much say goodnight!!


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  1. Rodger permalink

    Only the brave would go swimming in the North Sea in early May. Must be freezing! Glad you are having fun in The Netherlands!!!

  2. Siobhan Sadler permalink

    Glad your flight was good:) HAVE FUN XOXO!!!!!!

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