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Off to London to Visit Trevor!

May 2, 2016

Monday, May 2, 2016 Day 1

I am sitting in a United Airlines plane on the first leg of my journey to Europe. I have just spent the better part of a week looking after my 3 beloved grandchildren, Siobhan, Isabelle and Emmett, while their parents were away on a short whirlwind trip to Berlin, which they loved. Luckily, I finally beat Siobhan in one game of ping pong as I said I would not leave on my trip until I beat her!!

Originally, the main purpose of my trip was to get to London ..not to visit the Queen, but to visit my son Trevor, who left last August to do a year of teaching in England. I AM going to see Trevor and give him the biggest hug ever, but am doing some other cool things as well, returning home June 2!

Chau, au revoir, hasta la vista…until tomorrow.



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  1. Susan Mannion permalink

    Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Brittiney permalink

    Have a safe flight!!!! And give trevy a hug for us too! Keep in touch hope you have an awesome time! And p.s they found that cat in our neighborhood!!!!!! 🙂 thought you would like an update on that/ lotw of love xo

  3. Siobhan permalink

    Miss you already GAMMY!! Xoxo.

  4. Janet Allan permalink

    Have a fantastic trip Kathy. I really look forward to reading about adventures – take care and have fun. Hello to Trevor as well. Abrazos Janet

  5. Robert Matheson permalink

    Have a great trip!!! I want to have you over for a human stew recipe I have been working on! Deeeeeelicious!

  6. Denise :) permalink

    A hug and smile for Trevor. Look forward to following on your journey 🙂

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