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Home Sweet Home

October 14, 2015

Day 33 Wednesday ,October 16, 2015miscellaneous 023miscellaneous 252miscellaneous 177

I had a great sleep at Liam’s, as I did not wake up until 7:45 am!!!! I slept regularly in Haiti until 6:30 am and that was the usual time for most of the crew to wake up..such a wonderful change from my usual 4:30 am wake up time at home. Even though I was busy all day, it was not the kind of busyness I tend to make for myself here at home. So after Liam and Kazuho headed off to work, Liam’s mom Marlene and I had a great time, relaxing and chatting right up until I had to get ready to catch the bus at 3:45 pm for the airport. I met a really nice man on the bus, whom I introduced myself to when I saw that he had a suitcase!! I figured he knew where he was going and I was a little unsure, as I left my directions back at Liam’s. Wow!!What an interesting guy he was!! Not sure how old he was but talk about LIVING and making every minute count!!He has done it all!!! I have his business card and I may contact him sometime!! He was inspirational! I was determined to make it into the Air Canada Lounge at the Montreal airport but with the busy traffic slowing us down, by the time I got to the lounge it was 5:50 pm and it was at the opposite end of where I had to board starting at 6:10pm!!!So I waltzed in and hit it big time!! I slugged back 3 shots of Baileys Irish Cream, had a whiskey and coke, wolfed down a banana, some yummy salad, some delicious nuts of some kind, perused the place and saw how nice and relaxing it was, then zoomed out to catch my flight!! With myTD Aeroplan card, I recently found out I can use the AC Lounge situated in  many airports once a year, so I got it done, as I don’t expect to be flying anywhere again this year!! Gary and Brit got me at the airport..big hugs. Mars bar and COKE, so thoughtful and they wanted to take me to Mcds but I was too full for a change.. I was hungry every day up in Desab..but not nearly as hungry as those who live there!!.We came home and visited for awhile. So happy to see them! Most people in Montreal were wearing what looked like winter jackets and same in Ottawa but not me!! I embraced the colder weather and refused to cover up my bare arms..I do not miss the hot, hot sun of Haiti at all!!~By the ocean is great but up in the mountainside of Desab it was too hot!!! HOME SWEET HOME..where I can check on my kids daily..future travels I will make sure I can say connected somehow!!

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  1. Gary permalink

    I just wanted to say that I loved your blog yet again. I feel like I am there with you on these amazing adventures since your such a good writer…and so good at details. Now that you have been on this greta adventure you wont be surprised when I reach in through your window at about 4am tonight and grab ahold of you and your purse…..your well versed in that now. BUt honestly…..way to go! Im as proud of you as ever, and even more proud to have you as my mom!!!!

  2. Andrea Reinke permalink

    I realize it’s the least important thing to focus on, but I find it hard to believe you had all that liquor! Is that sentence some sort I test to see if people are reading your blog??

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    • Hahah it is true and no after effects!! Only had a few minutes, so had to maximize my moments!!! YUMMY!! And I don’t drink!!!!! Yeah, right!

  3. Love reading your blogs. Pls call when you return. Susan hugs

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