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Farewell to Desab

October 14, 2015

Day 31 Monday, October 4, 2015

This morning I  made sure my things were all packed up and I was ready to go with Fenel into Port au Prince. I helped Maddie and Mike in the preschool classes and we had fun. They are great with the kids..such a super couple in so many ways and share similar passions about making the world a better place!  We had to transfer the cement blocks up the hill to the construction site, so there is always something we can do to help. Hugs and goodbyes and of course one always feels sad when saying with these people for 3 weeks, they become part of you.. the children, the students, the teachers, the construction workers, the families, the volunteers, the support staff  and all the wonderful people I met on my walks!! Everyone happy and smiling, rich in heart, so poor by our standards! I hope I helped in some way..for sure my experience there has helped me to grow in so many ways!miscellaneous 292 miscellaneous 290 miscellaneous 291 miscellaneous 240 miscellaneous 212 Fenel was ready at 2:00 pm, so off we went to Port au Prince. He is such a  nice man and works so hard to keep his dream alive of the kids in Desab, where he grew up, getting an education. It is a tough challenge in many ways and especially financially! We got to the Tchaka Inn about 4:00 pm and I was welcomed there by Polene and family. As the only guest, she cooked a special supper for me, which was welcomed. It was macaroni with lots of real cheese!! We hung out in the evening and I was happy they now have wifi and she let me use her son’s computer, which I welcomed that evening. Her 2 girls and I played several games of Old Maid. They were such good sports about it, as one of the girls was Old Maid every single game!!!! Off to bed in my own private room. On my way home..getting closer..


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