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Praise God!

October 13, 2015
DSCF1479 DSCF1489S0131617DSCF1546DSCF1624DSCF1608Day 30 Sunday, October 3, 2015
Usually everyone is up by 6:30-7:00 am. This morning most if us headed off to church about 10:00 am, although I suspect it starts at 8:30 am. I am impressed at how these people sit through over 3 hours of the service, as I am sure the same things are repeated over and over again. They are constantly praising God and thanking him for all the blessings in their lives, through songs and different speakers, some of them extremely animated. There were about 100 there this morning..more than half are children of all ages and they are so good, sitting quietly there the whole time, the kids usually on their own, separate from the adults, babies lying on little blankets face down on the floor. Watching the adults in the service..knowing how little they have and yet they are so grateful to really is special. They are so loving and thankful. …it is so incredible and beautiful ..whereas so many in our culture feel they never have enough and always want more….why?! After spending time in third world cultures, I have a totally different outlook on life..I really do not want more…I want less material things and sharing  more LOVE from my family and friends..that is most important to me. After lunch there were cement blocks that had to be removed from the new truckload that had just arrived, but luckily I was on dishes duty so missed that! Tomorrow we will have to carry them uphill. Lots of time has been spent discussing activities and programs that the group will implement and I am sorry that I will miss the new routine that is being set up. Since Maddie from  Vermont’s arrival with her VFP  experience, things are progressing to what I was expecting when I first arrived. It will be so much better, as up until now I feel we were not structured enough with our commitments to this project. I love my daily walks and  today was special because on my way back up the road, I met this cute little boy about 4 or 5 carrying a big bag of something on his shoulder. I greeted him and continued on. He looked familiar to me for some reason, but I knew he did not go to our school. The next thing I heard loud and clear, “Good Morning”!! Oh my gosh, I soon realized he was one of those children who comes running down the hillside to  greet me whenever I get that far up the road on my walks! It felt so special!!!! I was so excited that he did that..what a sweetie pie and he was fully dressed today! I never take selfies but I tried with my little green camera that I am so thankful I threw it into my backpack at the last minute, as I usually use my ipad for photos. It worked!! Plantain soup for our meal today. I  actually really like it and we have been treated to it a few times. I see the cook is sweetening it with sweetened condensed milk so I suspect that is why I like it so sweets here but this is sweet! Fenel was here in the afternoon and we had a good chat about Haiti and its struggles. I am finishing the awesome book Mountains Through Mountains, the incredible true story about an amazing man who is a hero to Haitians, Paul Farmer.  Tomorrow I am taken to Port au Prince. Tuesday I fly to Montreal where I will stay overnight with my nephew Liam and his family, then HOME Wednesday- can’t wait to see and hug my kids and connect with Trevor in England and Rodger in New York!!

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  1. Gary permalink

    Very cool stroy! Im curious….what religion are people in Haiti? Is it christian? Also, you should make us that plantain soup sometime…i would like to try it! VERY proud of you doing this trip!!

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