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Go Fish

October 13, 2015
Day 28  Friday, October 1, 2015
I had planned to go to Preschool 1, then 2, then 3. I thought I would take a message to each of the classrooms before breakfast, letting them my time of arrival. Nobody in the Preschool 1 classroom and 7 kids running around unattended in the Preschool 2 classroom. The teachers for both classrooms had not shown up and they were all together having a blast. They are in separate buildings from the other grades and nobody had checked on them! The teachers at the school have not been paid since last spring, so basically there is no commitment to showing up, except for their desire to help! Apparently, at the end of last year, there were over 250 students in this school, but so far this year there is less than 50!. The vice principal was busy in his office, so I just decided to spend my morning with these kids. Somebody needed to be with them!! The kids look pretty cute in their compulsory uniforms. I think it is too bad that this added expense makes it impossible for most to come. I would rather see them in the classes in rags, but at least in class!!! After class some kids came to the dormitory and  played GO FISH with me. They love that and the memory game which I brought and play a lot with them. After lunch we had a visit from Fenel, the school principal, and then I went for my walk-almost skipped it because it was raining… felt guilty, so headed out. Got back about 7:00 pm , and spent most of the evening reading the amazing book, Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. It belongs to Maddie so I have to finish it by Sunday. I will be taken to Port au Prince by Fenel on Monday to stay overnight again at the Tchaka Inn and taken to the airport on Tuesday. On my way home..yippee !I am so glad I came to Haiti- the strength and spirit of these poorest of poor people is so uplifting and inspirational! But I am anxious to get home and hug my own kids!!DSCF1308 DSCF1310 DSCF1280 DSCF1464 DSCF1542 DSCF1528 DSCF1338

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  1. Helina permalink

    Great photos and telling of your adventures Kathy! Love every minute! Thanks for sharing. — Helina XO

  2. Gary permalink

    I work with alot of people who came from Haiti not so long ago. After reading your stories I guess they are even luckier then I thought to be here in Canada. And we still find a million and one things to complain about every day! I love your blogs because they remind me of how lucky we really are. Maybe I should head there next year and teach them some of my University study tricks….on second thought…maybe not…haha.

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