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Good Morning Song

October 12, 2015
Day 27 Thursday, September 3, 2015DSCF1270DSCF1292DSCF1316DSCF1342DSCF1267
Teaching the preschoolers this morning, then back to the dorm and hung out with some of the other volunteers for a bit. I spoke to Fatima, who is also from Ottawa and asked her if it cost a lot to phone Ottawa, as I see her on her phone a lot and wondered if I could make a quick call to one of my kids. Tried Tracy..on her lunch answer..then answer..then Bryan.. no answer…so disappointing but I guess none of them recognized the strange number coming in  and ignored the call!!!I was so disappointed!!! I can’t explain how much I miss connecting with my children..this has never happened before.I was excited Mike and Maddie wanted to come with me for my walk today. I suspect they might not want to do it again as it is pretty rough going on the wretched road and a lot of uphill climbing. But we met up with lots of cool people and it is the kids at the end of the walk that make it so memorable. They watch for me and come running down the hill from their humble home. I always sing the Good Morning song and act a little crazy and they love it!!!They sing too!  Maddie gave a great report to the others back at the dorm about the walk so I was happy! Maddie has worked in the office for VFP and did a volunteer stint recently in Nepal, so she is a great one to have on board. Lunch/dinner was later today, about 5:30 pm, as the cook went to Cabaret by motorcycle to do some errands. I am not really liking the food..a change for me. Maddie organized a meeting at 7:00pm for all the volunteers and it was very productive..we need this leadership! After that we all did our journals, read etc .No kids around tonight, likely because we were inside for our meeting and then the rain came. I finished the book The Cat’s Cradle..a crazy book!

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  1. Gary permalink

    Im sorry I missed your call. I was too afraid to answer a call that had like 26 numbers in it…….i figured it was someone calling from another planet. you say the kids were singing with you….do the children even speak a word of english? Or do they all speak creole?

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