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“What the F…?!!!!”

October 11, 2015


Day 25 Tuesday, September 29, 2015
That was the exclamation that startled all of us very early this morning!  It was pitch dark in the room, but apparently “ A HAND “ had come in through the window- someone was reaching in and trying to steal something of Asher’s…..It was Asher who yelled!~!!  Sammy used to be close to the window and had commented that some snacks she  brought from home were missing. I don’t swear and have never used this word in my life but I have to say, I heard this word quite frequently from these young people, especially Max, and it really bothered me as I hate swearing, especially that word!!It scared the daylights out of all of us, and we are pretty sure which little boy it was – poor soul from a very poor family – doesn’t get to school, as he is needed for family chores etc.  An addition is being built to the dormitory and most days we have to help in the lugging of the big rocks up the hill to the workmen; the kids like to help and like their parents , carry things on their heads!  Today we actually did it like an assembly line this morning, which worked much better. Sophie’s idea!Teaching was good and about 1:00 pm I headed out for my walk. Nobody wants to go as it is too hot !!!!!! HOT HOT!!!! It feels like 100, so stifling but I want to do the walk!!!!So off I go..I love it! Mike and Maddy are a really nice young couple that are here for a month. in the evening, I played games with the kids, finished the Pelican Brief and now reading The Cat’s Cradle by Kirk Vonneguet.DSCF1494 DSCF1329 DSCF1501 DSCF1495OH I forgot to mention we have cool cockroaches in out outhouse and tarantula spiders here too ……CREEPY!!!
Looking forward to arriving home a week from tomorrow!!!!!!! Can’t wait to talk to and see my kids and give then all big hugs!!!!

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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Friends will be in line to share in your homecoming. Enjoy the week ahead. 🙂 “/

  2. Gary permalink

    Ya…..i wouldnt be using the outhouse. I would go in my pants before I would sit on a toilet seat that has taratulas creeping around! And that hand thru the window whenI was sleeping would be the straw that broke the camels back……

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