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Camera Mystery

October 10, 2015

Day 24 Monday, September 28, 2015

I thought I was on fire with a temperature last night, and I was a bit scared, as I had no thermometer to check, but I survived.   Not feeling too well this morning; my nose is dripping constantly and I have to keep blowing it. Hopefully it passes quickly.  In the morning we did our lessons, and at this time the 3 new volunteers arrived; Matty and Mike from Boston, and Fatima from Ottawa.  Again, they are young, in their early 20;s and seem like great kids.   Good for them for reaching out and coming to Haiti.  I had a great walk his afternoon. I went out a bit earlier, 2:30 pm, as the cook and her helper had gone to Cabaret to do some shopping via motorcycle, so” lunch/supper” would be later.I love meeting the different friendly people on the road and up here in the mountains, everyone is safe!! I  met up with another nice young lad and he walked the road with me for quite a distance then said goodbye. I had taken my camera out to take a couple of photos while walking with him and after he left and I was farther up the road , I went to take a picture, and NO CAMERA!!!!!!  I emptied everything out of my bag and I was so mad!!!! I had been duped again, I thought! First my ipad and now my camera!!!  “I give up! NO pictures of Haiti“  I decided to turn back and  see if by some fluke it was lying on the road. Suddenly the young man I had been walking with appeared! Somehow he had the camera in his pocket!!!  He said he found it on the road? Weird!!  Did he take it from me somehow,  then have a change of heart, as actually where he veered off the road was nowhere near his house.I gave him a big hug and thanked him. We continued to walk  together and  met up with a bunch of his younger brothers and sisters who came down from the hillside .Oh my gosh`, these kids were so cute, half naked and in rags! I had some bubbles with me and they loved them!! I gave them  a cute  book written by my cousin Donald Lothian. After a short visit and singing a happy song to them,DSCF1284 DSCF1264 DSCF1286 DSCF1287 which they liked, I said `Peta`, which means, “See you later!“  Back to the dorm, played cards with the kids, had  a later supper and I got to know the three new volunteers.My nose is dripping like crazy, my head is pounding……


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  1. Farrah permalink

    Sorry to hear about your ipad, and your sniffles. Glad to read about the recent adventures. Not sure I could handle 3 on a motorcycle Caribbean-style. Geesh. Your adventures are truly adventures indeed. Hopefully you are feeling better now. xo

  2. Gary permalink

    Glad you didnt catch a crazy flu….would of been torture. Cool story about the camera…..and as for the iPOD…did they get the charging cord/ Because without that what good would it be to them?

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