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October 9, 2015
Day 23 Sunday, September 27, 2015
This morning Asher, Sammy and I headed to church about 10:00 am,   I believe it may have started at 9:00 am.  What an experience!!!! I wish I could understand what was being said, but it is all in Creole. There was about 150 people in the church and about half  of these were children. Again, it is so beautiful to see the families together and each brother or sister mothering their siblings throughout the service. The children are in dirty rags throughout the day except for when they show up for school or church.  Then they, like their parents, are dressed in clean nice clothes.  I wonder where they keep these clothes in their humble homes.  Many people preached throughout this service and everyone joined in with lots of praise to God. One preacher was absolutely WILD, jumping up and down, shouting, shaking his fists- he was dressed in a  handsome suit and bright orange shirt and tie-made me think of Dr. Martin Luther King;  it was all so surreal.  He ranted for an hour and the service finally ended at noon. The kids were so good and joined in the singing, halleljuias and amens!  I really wish I knew what that one guy was saying; it sure instilled a feeling of  fear in me!!!! It was so hot in the church and he was soaked right through at one point. One woman  in the congregation started yelling and it seemed like she was having a God fearing moment.I could not help thinking about how thankful they were…and these people are so, so poor and by our standards have nothing to be thankful for!!!In the afternoon I went for my daily walk . I am the oldest volunteer but actually I think I am the most active! The others lie down a lot in the dreary, dark dormitory.  I hate being there, except to sleep. My 2 “boy“ friends must have been watching for me. They do not go to our school but they suddenly popped out of the hillside and joined me ….it was so cute.  I played some games with them today.  We did some contests; throwing stones into an old pot that we found along the side of the road, hopping on one foot the farthest, etc.  I also introduced them to x’s and o’s it was fun and we practised English/Creole.  Back to the dormitory and I was feeling a bit under the weather. I had a cool shower, took 2 Tylenol, and tried to get to sleep soon after 9:00 pm, but the noise in the dormitory was pretty loud so I did not fare out tooDSCF1408DSCF1409 well. Tomorrow 3 more volunteers arrive.

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  1. Janet Allan permalink

    What an adventure you are having. Youialso seen to be so much at home and living each day to the fullest. I don’t know where you get all you energy from!! Take care and hope to see you soon. janet

  2. Gary permalink

    Awesome. I love how the kids gravizte to you. You have that effect on a lot of people. And when I other people speak another language around me I always feel uncomfortable….so I could only imagine how it would make you feel in a church when the person is yelling!

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