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Santo Domingo

September 13, 2015

SATURDAY, September 12, 2015 day 8

We hit the buffet breakfast for our last time and then headed to another adult pool we had not yet visited and enjoyed the lovely warm water, then back to the room to get showered and dressed and to gather our belongings for our 11:00 am departure; me to Puerto Plata to catch the bus to Santo Domingo and Suzanne to the airport to fly home. The Caribe bus I boarded was beautiful, way more beautiful than the Greyhound bus at home. I liked the glass door that partitioned the driver from the passengers….also the price! Approximately $10.00 CANADIAN to take me the 4 hour drive in great comfort! I enjoyed sitting by the window and observing so many things along the way. The sad thing is most people who visit the Dominican Republic only go to the resorts and think what a beautiful country it is..myself included! However, the real DR has a lot of beauty but a lot of sad sights too, as there are SO MANY people who live in shacks and have next to nothing! The other really bothersome thing is the rubbish lying everywhere, heaps of it along the roads and in the towns and cities. It is shocking when you see it and people just ignore it and are used to it! It must stink and I wonder about the rats that must infest these piles! I saw many cattle and sheep grazing in fields that were dead with nothing growing in them and wondered what these animals were surviving on! Unbelievable some of the old vehicles that are on the roads, falling apart but still being driven as taxis as well! Scooters are everywhere with families all piled on and babies hanging off the mother’s arms. Pollution from these vehicles is pretty bad! Beautiful flowers along the roads, though. People are also wandering through the traffic in the towns and cities selling stuff and along the roadside so many individuals selling their wares. For quite a stretch there were beautiful huge coloured mats hanging and then suddenly I saw one woman was making the mat and I wondered with what, so I grabbed my iPad from my bag and tried to snap a photo..never saw the mats again. One thing I did see though, was a fellow in one of the towns walk out to the curb and start peeing right into the street!!!!! I arrived at the bus station and some kind people helped me get the good taxi and I was soon whisked to my destination; my friend Prisca’s ( the first person I ever CouchSurfed with in Philly when Trevor and I did the big road trip to New Orleans ) father’s place, where I will stay until Monday morning. He is a pastor and a lovely man and after showing me my room etc, we went out for supper,image



image then a walk down the famous Conde street, an ice cream cone, then back home. A lot of stray dogs along the Conde and I found a container and got some water and offered it to many of the dogs who lapped it up..wished I had some scrap food for them too! There is a beautiful heavy duty fan in my room, thank goodness, as it is very hot here and I am not beside the Caribbean Sea anymore!

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  1. Jackie Holzman permalink

    The transition began!


  2. Suzanne Smith permalink

    Thank goodness you made it there safely and got a nice room and met her father you must speak only Spanish to him eh?  Safe travels to Haiti!  

  3. Barbara permalink

    Haiti will be complete culture shock, but I’m sure you’ll adapt and discover many positive things to share with us. Have a safe journey.

  4. Marg permalink

    Glad you arrived safely. On to the next adventure! Marg xox

  5. Gary Sadler permalink

    Wow, your much more brave then I am. I would be scared skinny over there. Bring back a stray dog for Brittiney. She would love that! Love you!

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