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Best Crepes Ever!

September 12, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015 Day 7

First thing in the morning the beautiful blue sky and gorgeous sunshine greet you. It is like that from dawn to dusk, with a lovely breeze blowing in from the sea. We took the little golf cart shuttle to a restaurant we had not tried, enjoyed our breakfast, then headed by shuttle back to the Serenity Beach, which we really relaxing there. The water is so warm and enjoyable, hammocks, huge beds to lie on with big pillows, people waiting on you left and right! Of course there is a bar there and we have, over the course of the week tried out as many of the fancy drinks as favourite is the Bahama Mama! But best of all today, we tried out the Crepe Cafe..oh my gosh, crepes to die for!!! 7 varieties posted today and I tried them all!!!Deeeeelicious! Reluctantly we left the beach knowing it is our last visit, and headed back to the pool at our Tropical Hotel to relax for awhile, then to our room to pack up for our departure tomorrow and get showered etc to head for supper. Tonight we were booked at the Dominican Restaurant and we quite enjoyed it! The night show tonight was the Michael Jackson Extravaganza and the guy who did Michael Jackson was excellent. I tried to take a couple of photos with my iPad, which I use for my camera, but unfortunately they did not turn out so well! It was fun..out last show..out last night..departure 11:00 am Saturday ….goodbye to paradise and a HUGE image









imagethank you to Suzanne for inviting me on this wonderful holiday, which was one of her “freebies” from her previous timeshares which she has ditched to become a member of the Lifestyles Holiday Vacation Club!!!


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  1. Helina permalink

    Nice! You had me at Crêpes. So happy you enjoyed it so much.
    Best of luck in Haïti!

  2. Denise :) permalink

    Once in a lifetime. Now you can say you have lived the VIP life style we see on TV so often. The ocean is amazing and the smiling people are welcoming. I look forward to your news from Haiti. All good come your way. 🙂 “/

  3. Jackie Holzman permalink

    No eggs bennie??? >

  4. Bryan permalink

    That was fun Facetiming you and getting to see the guy make those yummy Crepes!

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