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Fun in the Sun

September 11, 2015







imageThursday, September 10, 2015 day 6

After our delicious buffet breakfast with the wonderful food and staff, we decided this morning we would like to go snorkelling at one of the beaches. We had the gear for only one hour and found a shoal with some pretty fish and lots of sea urchins, but that was all, but it was still fun! We then walked over to a different beach area and at the pool there we arrived just in time to join a group for aquasizes, so we did that too. Again, it was fun. Everything is fun here in the beautiful sun. Soon it was lunch time and so many choices of places to eat. We chose the place that is next door to the ice cream shop! In the afternoon Suzanne went with a private driver to explore the area outside the resort, but I am saving all my money for my trip to HAITI, so I headed to the beach with my book and read and swam all afternoon. Loved it! For supper we headed to the Brazilian restaurant we had heard rave reviews about, and experienced Brazilian fine dining! There was a big party afterwards at the VIP pool area..we headed over but way too noisy and fancy for our liking, so we chose a quiet area to relax in for awhile with snacks and drinks and wound up another great day!


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  1. Gary Sadler permalink

    Giiiiiday!!! I have never done snorkling before! Too scared! Also I noticed the dog in the photo…are there lots of strays there? Love you!

  2. Jackie Holzman permalink

    This is all so glorious….are you saying it isn’t costing you anything???? What a great deal!! Enjoy!!


  3. Bryan permalink

    How did you like the Brazilian steak?? Looks yummy!

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