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Dominican Five

September 10, 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 day 5

One of the phrases I like is the one that something will happen in 5 minutes, which is soon clarified by “Dominican 5”!
Found out today that there are 5OOO!!! workers here at this vacation complex! Even when it is a low season, which is now, they keep their employees, which is great for them. This place provides good employment for a lot of Dominicans! All the workers are dressed in clothing that identifies their position and different positions have different styles and of course everyone looks very professional. We have not encountered one employee that is not friendly, respectful, helpful and they are always smiling and seem to have a real camaraderie amongst each other. Such nice people! Today we had a very relaxing day, spending most of it at the VIP pool area. For, supper we decided to go to the Jazz dining room, which touts the “charm and ambience of Old New Orleans” and we both think it is our favourite restaurant so far! It was awesome and the service and food was amazing! I decided to try the Creole New Zealand Lamb was wonderful! The Gumbo soup was also super yummy and the beignets just finished it off! The show tonight was karaoke and we relaxed on lawn chairs out by the pool area and it was fun enjoying the talents of so many of the guests! The skies are the most beautiful blue all day long, hot temperatures with a lovely breeze under the wall to wall sunshine, right by the sea…it could not get any better..except wish my family was here too!😃image






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  1. Bryan permalink

    5000 employees?? Are you serious?? Or was that a typo??

  2. Gary permalink

    Great pic of you and Suzanne! Looks like your about to get twisted! haha. And ya, 5000 people????? that cant be right……

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