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Happy Birthday!

September 9, 2015

TUESDAY, September 8,2015 day 4

Today is Suzanne’s birthday and we had a great day! After our yummy buffet breakfast, at 9:00 am, we were bussed to Ocean World Adventure Park, a very short distance from the resort, an extra perk provided to VIP members! Suzanne wanted to swim with the dolphins, which I would have liked to do too, but the cost was $150.00 US for the 1/2 hour opportunity, so I had to pass. It was so cool to watch and although I did not get into the water like she did, I had an amazing time watching everything and talking with the trainers and spending a lot of time with the dolphins, as there was a lot of preparatory work had to be done first! We both love dolphins! They told us how the dolphins came here and the way I look at it now is they are happy to be in this Ocean World complex, as they are so well fed and cared for. The 18 dolphins are safe from predators, they bond with their trainers, life is good and it is like the all inclusive we are in, worry free from the stresses of the real world!! It makes me feel better thinking like that….We watched 2 spectacular dolphin shows, also the sea lion show, which was incredible and a bird and shark show and we walked around and saw the beautiful aging Bengal tiger who has been here since birth and walked though a couple of bird sanctuaries and also did some snorkelling right on the property!!Back to the resort for swimming, supper at the Indochine image









imagedining room and then off to the nightly entertainment at the coliseum. Suzanne’s birthday was acknowledged several times throughout the day so I think she had a happy birthday!😃


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  1. Bryan permalink

    Those pics are sweet!!!!

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