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We Are VIPS!

September 8, 2015

Dominican Republic occupies 2/3 of the island of Hispaniola, here in the Caribbean, with HAITI occupying the remaining third. Both countries have a very turbulent history but Dominican has fared better, as we all know. Since Suzanne bought into this Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, she is a VIP member and I get the same VIP treatment since I am her guest. This property employs a huge number of Dominicans and they are all dressed so professionally and the workers are all so friendly. We both practise our Spanish as much as we can and that is fun! There are 18 restaurants, including the 2 international buffets, Casablanca and The Pearl, which we have visited and today we tried out a couple of the other restaurants with the fine dining offered. There are also 12 pools and 7 beaches and today we moved around to a few of these. We really liked the Serenity beautiful and “serene”! Also the huge beds that are set up at the beaches with someone attending to your every need! We have had fun trying out the different speciality drinks and with or without alcohol, they are very tame but tasty! There are drivers waiting to take you from one location to the other in a golf cart,if you wish. We met some really nice guests today and they come from all over the world and most are members. There are also a lot of Dominicans here but they are from the higher economic class here. There is a lot of poverty here in this country and most people who come to one of the many wonderful resorts probably have no idea of this, but if you visit off the resorts you will see it. The resorts provide a lot of employment, which is good! In the evening we went to the Extravaganza night show…. the dancers are incredible. Another relaxing day in the glorious sunshine.😎








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