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Snow in Dominican Republic?!

September 7, 2015

SUNDAY, September 6, 2015 Day 2

I had the best sleep in a long time, waking at 7:00 am, likely because I had NO sleep the night before! After a delicious buffet breakfast, we met up with own of the Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Club staff and spent the next couple of hours learning all about how this property works. Suzanne signed on with a buyout of her other 2 timeshares she wanted rid of and this should work out much better for her! It is quite the place and it has grown immensely from its humble beginning not so many years ago with one little property here. We were whisked around to see all the amenities here by Castro in a golf cart…pretty impressive and actually if you want to travel to one of the 100 countries she now has access to, contact Suzanne! She can get you a deal!!! Lunch and then relaxing at the beach and other facilities ..the waters of the Caribbean are so warm with lovely waves. At 6:30 pm we were picked up and whisked off to the big VIP extravaganza. There must have been a couple of thousand people and huge food tents set up with with the biggest display of the most amazing food selection and a big party. Dancers, music and fun, fun, fun! The finale was crazy with what looked like snow being shot out at the tourists up on the dance floor..I could not believe my eyes..I thought that is the last thing I want to see in DR!! Everyone was covered with it but it actually was a white foam and pretty wild!! I avoided it but Suzanne got covered!

I have some great photos but trouble loading them ..will try later.


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  1. Denise :) permalink

    Keep your eyes on the ocean and know you are on vacation. Do you see history or cultural life in this area of the island?

  2. Isabelle permalink

    Looks beautiful ❤️✨✨

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