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September 6, 2015

SATURDAY,September 5,2015 day 2

After a LONG night waiting in the airports, with my 17 hours journey with Aeroplan, bumping around in several airports, while Suzanne bought a normal ticket and had a 5 hour journey! we arrived to Puerto Plata airport within minutes of each other. We were picked up by a van and whisked to paradise! Oh my gosh, this place is absolutely beautiful. It is a Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Club and is huge! Many pools, many beaches, many suites, lots of dining rooms and food like I have never seen before! We headed for a scrumptious lunch buffet and then got things sorted out in our lovely room with a beautiful view, then to the pool and then checked out more of the property. There is a really cool area where you can rest on big beds under the palm trees and sunshine..I hit that and went right to sleep for awhile, then headed later to another supper buffet at one of the other dining locations, before hitting the night show extravaganza! Bahama Mammas, Coco Locos and every kind of cocktail you can think of, offered to you regularly and they taste just as good without the alcohol! Fun,fun,fun in the sun, sun sun!

Trying to upload some photos with no luck! Will try again.


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  1. Jackie Holzman permalink

    Lucky you…you’ve earned it…take it all in… I’ll bet there are even eggs bennie for breakfast! Enjoy! It will be different once you get to Haiti! Jackie


  2. Denise :) permalink

    A good place to visit for rest and relaxation.

  3. Phyllis Kiss permalink

    Hi Kathy- looks like a great place- not exactly what it will be like in Haiti so enjoy. I didn’t realize you where leaving so soon. Did you manage to get something set up in Haiti. Seems that things have worked out- good for you!!

    • Yeah..just sent you another email I found stuck in my outbox sent just after I left..all is will be culture shock when I go to HAITI..serious culture shock where I will be volunteering!! 😇

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