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Love Travelling…and Eating!!!

March 27, 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015

As usual, first thing in the morning, Bryan does the planning with his IPhone. He is so good at getting things in order, I just love it. After checking for good hotel deals in Atlanta, Georgia, where we fly out of tomorrow morning and finding nothing that would work, he decided to use up some more of his Air Miles and got us a sweet Hilton property again for out last night..might as well go out with a bang. The cool thing is, until I mentioned we could use MY Air Miles for a hotel, Bryan did not even know he had any Air Miles, as he had not collected them for years, and when he checked he had quite a few. So we also used them for our wonderful car rental with unlimited mileage rental which we sure enjoyed, as we put on a lot of miles following the Florida sunshine! We took our “Grab and Go” breakfast and headed over to the Atlantic beachfront, which we had visited before and enjoyed strolling along the beach, which was pretty much deserted but so beautiful to walk along. We looked for the sea gull that we had tried to help the other day. He had a broken wing and we managed to get him up on the sand dune. We were hoping that somehow that might help him to survive, but no luck. By now it was past noon and we were really hungry, so we headed to the local Firehouse Subs, which we really like, and tried a couple of new ones. The manager was so friendly there! We then hopped into the car for the 4 1/2 hour drive to Atlanta, but got sidetracked by the Crispy Creme donut sign, so stopped there for some dessert..yummy! The drive was pleasant and Bryan and I chatted about lots of cool ideas we both have, but then we saw the Steak and Shake sign and felt obliged to once again pull over!! We had wanted to ” taste test” these during their 1/2 price happy hour, which is 2:00 to 5:00 pm daily, so we managed to get this mission accomplished ..soooooo delicious! No wonder I love travelling with Bryan so much, he is on health food diet like me!!! Once we got settled at the Hilton, Bryan headed across to the shopping mall while I made my way to the indoor pool and hot tub. We then tried to get the Sens game on the tv but it was not available, so we made plans to go to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill again to watch the game. It was a fairly good walk to the opposite side of the 1 million square foot! mall but a mall security guard named Walter kindly drove us to our destination. What a nice friendly man he was. He said to watch for him when we left later but we did not see him. We had an amazing server at the friendly and efficient and we enjoyed the wings, what they are known for, once again. We were sad to see the Sens get whipped by the New York Rangers but glad we got to see the game. Back to the hotel, got our stuff ready for our early morning departure to the car rental agency and then the airport. All good things must come to an end. It had been a great week with many, many wonderful memories and I am glad I keep my blog so I can relive my happy times and sweet memories. Thank you, Bryan, for making this possible. My favourite times are family you!!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒimage

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  1. Gary permalink

    Giddday!!!! you guys are gonna be the size of balloons when you get home!!!!! Fast food and milkshakes every day! Now you know how I feel!!! Glad you had an awesome trip! Hurry home! Jim Watson misses you! And hey, did you get message form R Matheson?

  2. Denise :) permalink

    A visual thought came to mind…the planet is a town where you live….and you go out on the town to have fun with family and friends. Could be the picture cover for your book. πŸ™‚

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