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Lucky Mom

March 25, 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bryan and I are finding the weather here rather tricky. Each morning we check it out with our iPads and iPhone and look for the sun, as the sun is not always everywhere. It showed sunshine for the day at Cocoa Beach and Bryan wanted to try some more surfing and this place is popular for that. Bryan found us a great deal for breakfast, so we headed out for that and returned to the room about 10:00 am and soon departed to Cocoa Beach. Noonish when we got there and the skies were very cloudy, not what we expected. We went to the surf shop, got him a surf board and me a boogie board and headed to the beach, packed with families, all hoping for the sun I am sure. Well lo and behold it came out in full force and was the most beautiful afternoon. It was so fun in the warm salty waters, with huge waves and it was so exciting to see dolphins surfacing from time to time. I loved being in the sea: blue skies; sunshine; gorgeous weather; dolphins; pelicans, sea gulls and other pretty birds flying overhead …… it was like paradise. Bryan thought the waves were just perfect for the first part of the afternoon, but then they got smaller and made it harder for him to surf. As for me on the boogie board, I did not do much boogeying, but just had fun floating around on the board! One thing that stands out at the beach is the tattoos on everybody!! I don’t understand why so many people have large tattoos on their legs, arms, tummies, faces, backs etc! We stayed at the beach until 6:30 pm, returned the boards etc, then drove back to our hotel, about an hour’s drive to Kissimmee. We hung in our room for a bit, showered etc, then headed out for supper. Bryan had a great plan, which was to go to the restaurant Yard House, as after 10:00 pm they have a happy hour menu selection, and we had the tastiest appetizers for 1/2 price!! They were super delicious! I am sure people heard Bryan and I mmmming all over he restaurant! The quality of the food and the restaurant itself were both amazing. We were both full, but Bryan thought we should top the evening off with a “half price milkshake after 10:00 pm” Sonic Shake at the Sonic drive-in. I could not believe it, but loved the idea, thinking we would both likely put it in the fridge in our room and drink it the next day. ….he drained his Cocoanut Cream Pie one and I drained my Lemon Pie one before we got near the hotel..hahah ..lights out by 1:00 am and sweet fulFILLING dreams! I have to say I am so sorry Bryan’s girlfriend Nic could not make this work related trip with Bryan due to her heavy work load finishing up her 4th year of Ottawa U studies, way to go Nic!! but I am a lucky, lucky mom to be having this wonderful holiday with Bryan..he is so kind, thoughtful, resourceful, funny and fun!!!😃image






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  1. Way to go guys!!! Sounds like a blast! You guys deserve it! Xo

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