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We Love the Sun!

March 23, 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015image




When we woke up Saturday morning we did not have a plan for the day, as we wanted to see what the weather was going to be and it is an easy check with the iPhone or iPad. We were thinking of going to Cocoa Beach, about a 2 hour’s drive down the coast, but the weather showed rain for there. We went downstairs and grabbed some breakfast and sat out by the pool to make our plans. Jacksonville was to be sunny and warm, so we decided to stay here. We headed out soon after 10:30 am and set the GPS for Jacksonville Beach, after reading about it on “The Top 10 Things to Do in Jacksonville”. With 20 miles of beaches here, there are many to choose from. However, we got sidetracked by another Firehouse Sub eatery and went in to try another sub..delicious! They all have firehouse names. What an interesting chain, started by 2 firefighting brothers years ago. The decor with all the firefighting memorabilia is pretty fascinating. Off then to the beach, again the sun was shining brightly, the sky was blue and a perfect beach day. As we got closer to the beach it became really overcast and hazy and we were disappointed, but surprisingly there were many people at the beach. We put our towels down and both felt so lazy, I think we may have dozed and upon waking about an hour later the sun was in full swing again. We talked to some really nice people who used to live in Canada but live down in the States full time now as they do not miss the freezing, frozen north! They said they believed the earlier haze was the warm air hitting the cold water and once this equalizes all is clear again. Good news and what a glorious day we had. We loved the beachfront with the super soft white sand and the waves lapping on the shore. We enjoyed spending a lot of time on the 1000 foot fishing pier. That was so fascinating watching all the fisher…men and women, trying to catch fish from the pier. They can fish from 6 am until 10 pm with 3 lines each and we strolled along the pier talking to many and watching them haul in the fish of different size and occasionally sting rays that they generally threw back, although apparently some do keep them. We also loved watching the surfers, although the waves were not huge there were some pretty good ones. Bryan loves to surf but does not have a wetsuit for the cold water so will surf when we get to Cocoa Beach. We walked more along the beautiful beach and sadly left at the end of the afternoon, as we needed to get on with the rest of our plans. We had tried to get “ducked” but the water was pretty cold and we know it is warmer down the coast so we will swim there for sure. Stopped at the Hamburg chain Whataburger, apparently around since the early 50s..never heard of it and not bad..more taste testing! Back to our hotel and after a quick shower we headed by car to Jacksonville Landing, a great place where many, many activities take place and a popular gathering place. We were able to catch the Sens game on the radio and were quite stressed listening to the game..we were worried that Toronto might win! We caught the end of a huge Latinfest that had taken place that day and walked along the wharf area to look out at the landmark Friendship Fountain which was built in 1941. Back again to our hotel and, even though it was already 10 pm, we headed out to BJs for supper…a lovely place within walking distance of our hotel..home by midnight..another busy, happy day in Jacksonville.😄


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  1. Margaret Hurley permalink

    Hi Kathy and Bryan

    Soak up all the sun you can. It’s freezing here today. I hope you find a warm beach somewhere. There are 2 Firehouse Sub joints near where we stay on East Bay. They are popular.


    Sent from my iPad


  2. gary permalink

    Giddddoooooo! So scale of 1-10….how do you rate the Firehouse Subs? And TOO WIERD….we have the EXACT picture of a guy holding a stingray like that the time me and you went to Florida and met Michael Jackson on the Pier….and Fabio, and Wayne Gretzky…oh the stories you could tell!

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