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Semuc Champey

March 18, 2015

Day 42, Wednesday, February 25, 2015. Q OOPS!!!!Putting a book together and found this “draft” or am I dreaming and back in GUATEMALA? (February 18, 2015)

I do not belong to a gym back home but I think today we did Boot Camp 501! The rooster did not wake me up early this morning but a couple of dogs nonstop barking certainly did. I heard my dorm mate Benjamin opening the door and trimageyinimage image imageimageg to scare them off and finally it was silent. He says that was at 3:00 am so I am pretty sure I went back to sleep after that, thankfully. I had a delicious omelette for breakfast and then met the group who was signed up for the Semuc Champey day tour at 9:00 am. We had a great young lad for a guide, named Josee, who is saving his money to be able to go to university next year. He, like Trevor, wants to teach high school age children. He is 20 and seems like a smart kid, so I think he will make it! Of course I am breaking more rules here in Guatemala, riding in the back of pick up trucks, but I like the one that we rode in today that has racks to hang onto when you stand up. However, I always think of Rick Hansen, one of my heroes when I do that as I am certain his injuries were sustained when he was thrown from the back of a pick up..not a safe idea at all! First we visited the Kan’ba caves on the riverbank, best known for “adrenaline junkies”, swimming one handed while holding a candle torch in the other, over sharp rocks and slippery surfaces, climbing up and down and I loved every minute of it until we came to this one place requiring us to climb down a ladder that I freaked out at for some reason. I could not see how I could possibly get down safely as the body position I had to get into seemed impossible. The guide tried everything to encourage me but a nice German fellow named Alex on our tour gave me the confidence I needed and down I went.  Josee used black tar from the inside of the caves to mark us like warriors..even that did not help. A situation like this happened to me years ago in Korea when I went hiking a mountain with my niece ..loved the hike until we got to the top and I looked down and literally froze..everyone else had descended as the park was now closed. Then suddenly, 2 Korean hikers arrived and saved the day! It was a lot of work in the caves. imageAfterwards we went river tubing and that was so relaxing and fun..stopped for lunch up high in the forest before heading out for the second part of our adventure. At many points on our trek today families with little children were trying to sell things and one little boy named Horado came up and tried to sell some chocolate. He was SO CUTE! I asked him how much but I did not have my money with me. He said, ” Okay, pay me later, remember my name”, in such an authoritarian way and he looked about 5 years old. I said I would go back after and that I would remember his name. So I got the chocolate, one disc wrapped in foil, for 5 quetzales. He was so happy. Later his friend approached us and the price was 2 / $5. Haha, I thought good for Horado..he will be a good business man! After lunch we loaded back into the truck and headed to one of the most renowned beautiful destinations in Guatemala, SEMUC CHAMPEY, about 12 km southeast of Lanquin, a shallow staircase of turquoise pools suspended on a natural, limestone bridge, sitting at the base of a towering jungle- clad valley. Absolutely gorgeous . First we were asked if we wanted to climb up to the lookout point..I did not think we could climb any higher but up up we went and the view was absolutely spectacular. Back down and time to enjoy the tranquil, turquoise pools before loading up and heading back to our hotel. Supper tonight was a BBQ smorgasbord and it was delicious. Wifi is very limited here so a quick email check and blog posting, then heading to my dorm..a little undecided of my plans for tomorrow..😄


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  1. Helina permalink

    Thanks for that last little bit of paradise (first lost – then found!) to lighten up my day Kat; )!

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