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Home Sweet Home

March 9, 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015

My last morning John and Pat took me to see the Tarpon fish and showed me a few other favourite sites before it was time for me to get myself down to the water taxi dock. I sure was lucky to meet up with them these fine people. Joined up with a couple of young girls from Germany while in BELIZE City and we walked to a cool place to get a tasty snack they had remembered from their way through earlier. The taxi from the boat dock to the airport was $25 US and I was not paying that, so walked to the bus station and got a bus for next to nothing, planned to walk from the highway/ airport junction but a taxi came along and got a ride for less than $3.00… you CAN travel cheap!! At the airport almost got a a free UNITED AIRLINES tickets worth $700, plus overnight hotel plus meal vouchers, as they needed someone to give up their seat but they needed 2 volunteers so another couple got the deal!!! Darn! Have done that before and it is worth it!!! The 3 flights went well and I faced winter bravely upon returning to frigid, freezing Canada and honestly it all seems like a dream these past 7 weeks. I just took some time
this afternoon and was reading my thankful I recorded everything, as I can relive the experiences anytime, with my blog and the hundreds of beautiful photos I took. Beautiful countries, beautiful people..beautiful memories. Happy to see my family and friends… and until the next trip..I will LAUGH, LOVE and LIVE…😃


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  1. Welcome back, Kathy! It felt like I was traveling around with you somewhat. Your blogs are an amazing idea :)) hope you can still enjoy your live well:)

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