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Goodbye to Belize

March 5, 2015

Day 49 Wednesday, March 4, 2015
I was up soon after 6:00 am and refining my blog from last night so I could head to Starbucks and post it, when I noticed someone was at the door to my little cabin and it made me a wee bit nervous ; then I saw they had shoved something under my door. I recognized the picture on the postcard of the famous Blue Hole diving location and I knew then it must be my French friends who were leaving on the 6:30 am water taxi. Fabian and Miriam had gone on a diving tour the other day there. They wrote me beautiful messages thanking ME for everything when it was they who made every moment I spent with them very special, having met them I believe in the latter few days in Guatemala.. perhaps Livingstone. They are 3 friends travelling for 2 weeks together, average age 30 and so, so nice! I just loved hanging out with them and was so lucky to befriend them and they all included their email for me, inviting me to visit them in France..who knows! Upon returning from Starbucks early this morning, I stopped in at the local bakery and once again treated my self to one of their most delicious cinnamon buns fresh from the oven. Then at met up with Pat and John, my good Samaritan friends, to go for a hike around the island. It was so interesting, and as they have visited here many times, they shared a lot of the history of this island with me. I learned so much about Pat and John’s interesting life as well. I think they are about my age. He was a high school teacher of history and geography and she was a homemaker for their 3 children. He took out a plan from his work where he deferred money each year into a travel fund and when it reached a certain point they said, “Let’s go!” They have travelled to 101 countries and aren ‘t done yet. They both seem physically fit and energetic and complement each other beautifully..a lucky couple for sure. We will be keeping in touch and I know I can get good travel advice from them if I need it and one thing I like is that they are smart travellers, doing it all but doing it economically. Took dogs out twice today, Snowy in the morning and Popeye this doing that and the dogs love it too. Off to the beach area and there was a good wind today and some pretty sweet wind surfing to watch..they must have very strong arms! Back to the hotel property and called on Margaret and we played a game of Bananagrams outside, then off to watch the sunset with Pat and John. I thought I should try the stew chicken as it seems to be an island dish,image





image so headed to Auntie’s for that, then up to Starbucks (closed but sat on the steps to use Internet) and did my blog. I am heading home to Canada tomorrow, catching the 10:00 am water taxi from here and arrive in Ottawa about 24 hours later, using my AeROPLAN points where you don’t get the best routes but flights are free ( except for taxes)! I will post my final blog for this amazing adventure when I get will be a real culture shock to get back in many ways, but I will be glad to give and get big hugs from my children that I love to I always tell them..forever and always.😀


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  1. Helina permalink

    WOW! What another beautiful day and how many interesting folks you met on this trip. Safe travels home today Kathy!

  2. Gary permalink

    Glad you had such an amazing trip and that you are going to make it home safely. Big Hug Waiting for you. PS…the chinese food looks pretty good! Better then what you get here in Ottawa….

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