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March 4, 2015

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 Day 48

First thing this morning I headed over to the Fry Jack place. Apparently someone started this business a few years ago and it is a huge success. They must be doing well, as they are only open from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm daily..actually closed I think Mondays and image imagepeopimage imagele are lined up to get a Fry Jack pretty much regularly. So of course I could hardly wait to try one. So I tried the first one on the list, the egg one. Really it is like a beaver tail dough filled with whatever filling you choose; filling, tasty and cheap! I had them cut it in half and thought I would offer to share it with Kenny, which I did when I went down there to choose a dog to walk. Toby and I set out for a imagenice early morning walk. I found out there is a second part to Kenny’s animal shelter operation, behind and across the street from his place, a great dog park, staffed by volunteers and the dogs here have a lovely environment, cared for by people who care and there are no cats at this site as there are at Kenny’s, where the dogs and cats live together harmoniously. Before I left I made a small donation..wish it could have been more, but do not want to run out of money again! The wifi where I am staying is not very strong so found out there is a Starbucks here and headed there to post a couple of my blogs and have a nice Earl Grey tea. At 1:45 pm I was to meet Miriam and Fabian to go snorkelling for 3 hours with a tour company, so headed back to Fry Jacks for another taste test for lunch and my good Samaritans were there. John and Pat had just arrived there so felt good to treat them each to one, took mine down by the water’s edge and this is where I met up with Aaron, a local young man who had quite a story to tell and I beloved every bit of, he had been living a life of crime, in and out of jail, shot 6 times and had all the documentation and now has turned his life around and is helping youth by doing sports activities , telling his story etc, also made a CD I singing songs directed to these youth..yikes I really wanted to help him but could only spare $5, but he appreciated it and also gave me a signed CD, so will share this music with anyone who wants to listen to it. Miriam, John and I, along with a young fellow from Australia , wereî the only ones in our snorkelling group, which was lucky, and we were whisked out to the beautiful Caribbean sea with 3 stops to make, with the captain and his guide. We had a guided tour where he pointed out all sorts of beautiful fish, corals etc and identified them..wish I could remember all the names of these beautiful fish but one I remember was the 4 eyed butterfly fish..; then we were taken to a second area where we actually snorkelled with nurse sharks, Manatee Rays, and a barracuda shark! The third stop he took us to another area and said we were free to explore on our own for about 45 minutes, but Benito the guide was in the water with us and I know I felt safer when he was close by. A glorious afternoon and the best thing is Fabian had his underwater Go-pro and he is going to send me footage when he gets home. I headed back to the dog park and took out Lola: love this dog walking program and it is great as the dogs wear a special vest so tourists and others get to see these dogs and maybe one of them will adopt one of these beauties, which Kenny can set up with 4 days notice. You meet lots of nice people when you are out walking the dogs. Home for a shower and up to Wish Willy’s to meet Miriam, Johnathan and Fabian for a goodbye supper, as they are leaving in the morning. They treated me to a delicious fresh fish dinner and we talked and talked and then about 9:30 pm decided to play a card game they showed me; they call it FIVE but will email me the rules was so much fun and then at midnight walked me back home. These guys are so nice..they speak English well, so mostly we talked English as now I too easily get my French and Spanish mixed up! Belize is made up of several ethnic groups, including the Maya and Garifuna cultures, with Belizean Kriol spoken by around 70 percent of the population.   ” Dah how yuh di do?( How are you?) “Mi naym dah….( my name is…) “Weh taim yuh gat?(What time is it?) Another fantastic day..sure wish I had longer here..I had no idea I would love my time here so much..basically it was just a stopover on my way home.😇

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