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Caye Caulker Animal Shelter

March 3, 2015

Day  47 Monday March 2, 2015

Love my private little cabin and had a great sleep, awakened this morning by the cooing doves..a mellow sounimage image imaged compared to the barking dogs and the darn roosters. At 7:00 am I headed to the main street, 5 minutes away, and walkimageimageimageed down to Kenny’s. Kenny imageis an interesting fellow who lives in a dumpy little yard, surrounded by lots of dogs and cats, each of whom he has named and obviously loves. Apparently over 10 years ago he started taking in these animals and founded the Caye Caulker Animal Shelter, trying to save these neglected animals. I honestly don’t know how he manages financially to do what he does, as he gets no government aid,but I believe he goes without food for himself to feed and care for them. I had noticed someone walking a dog that had a little vest on identifying the shelter and I wanted to walk some dogs too, so took out a lovely dog for a beautiful walk. I was anxious to get to the bank when it opened at 8:00 am, but was very disappointed to find out they could not help me unless I had an account there, which required 2 references from 2 banks etc etc. I am able to access my account online even without the card and I said I can show them my account has sufficient funds and could I please just do an email transfer and they give me the cash..but of course they would not do that understandably. I asked if there was a Western Union on the island and there is but it did not open until 11:00 am. I contacted my children at home, as I desperately needed some cash and Bryan came to my rescue immediately and before I knew it I had the money. After all my escapades during the last 6 weeks, being independent, I was disappointed that I had to call on my family, but glad to have them when needed! I have to be very careful that I do not run out before I jump on my plane on Thursday! I was having trouble with my emails, sitting out in the yard here, trying to message with Bryan on the IMessage ap on my IPad, when a lady who I had never seen before came up to me to see how the “connection” was. Next thing I knew we were having a great conversation and she had such a positive approach to my dilemma, as she saw how badly I was feeling about not having the money to pay the people who were helping me etc. She put everything in proper perspective and then refilled my water and made me a delicious peanut butter and banana sandwhich, which I wolfed down as  I was so hungry. We walked to Western Union together, got my money, settled with the property owner, switched to a cheaper room, paid Pat and John back, stopped by Kenny’s and then headed down to the beach, as by now it was early afternoon. Reading my book in the glorious sunshine by the shimmering blue waters and enjoying the warm waters as I swam, I stared talking to this guy and ended up talking so long it looked like it was later then I intended it to be, as I was to meet my French friends at 5:00 pm. It was 5:20 pm so had to get out immediately but I had the most interesting conversation with this guy from England, as he has also been volunteering in Guatemala and we shared our stories. Met my friends and loved hearing about their day diving and snorkelling. After an hour, scurried back to my place, stopping again at Kenny’s to walk a dog..home for a shower then headed out to grab a bite, way too much food so saved  half to drop by at Margaret’s, who had treated me to lunch, home to write my blog and do some reading before lights out! Love it here..did not expect the place to be like paradise.😇


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  1. Gary permalink

    You? Saving Food? And taking it home with you? Get outta here….!!! And thank god for Western Union…i don’t even know what Plan B would of been….

    • I know hard to believe..I am heading straight to the bakery in a few minutes to get the yummiest cinnamon bun ever!ox Love you.😇

  2. brittiney permalink

    Wow! Kenny and I share the same dream! Lol i loved this story made me smile :)it is so nice to hear stories about people who care about animals and will to do absolutely anything they can to help them..and yes it sound’s like paradise there for sure….can’t wait see all of your photos when you get your book made And good for you walking those dogs even when you had So much going on! I’m glad you got your financial situation figured out that must be scary being so far away! Glad you are enjoying yourself! Definitely sounds like an adventure can’t wait to see you when you get back! Safe flight home! Lots of love!

    • Thank you Brittiney..I am going to walk a dog soon as I post my blog from yesterday,AFTER I pick up my cinnamon bun!😇xo

  3. Oh Kathy! You’re the good Samarian!!!!!
    Xo, Vika

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