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March 1, 2015

Day 44 Friday, January 27, 2015

I tiptoed out of my dorm about 6:45 am to catch the shuttle back into Lanquin, from where I hopped onto a bus for the long ride to Flores, a lovely town, which is actually an island, joined to the mainland by a causeway and the main stopping point for people heading to Tikal, the famous Mayan ruins site, and also the connecting point for people heading to Belize, both things which I am planning to do. I loved the last couple of days at the 2 hostels I was at and one thing I was very happy to see was that nobody was sitting around not talking to each other because they were on their computers “logged in”, talking to people everywhere except those they are currently with! So sad to see, especially when one is visiting a beautiful country far away which has so much to offer. Elretiro, you had to pay and El Portal not available. For me, I post my blog daily and if I can’t do it immediately I know that I will see wifi sooner or later and can post mimage image imagey notes then. Only occasionally I have sent an email…but that is what I love about my blog..anyone who wants to know what I am up to can read that. I  also like to check in with my family as I worry about them and know that I will hear by email of there is a problem, as they would not know where to reach me otherwise. They know I love them and my friends know I always care and think about them too! Otherwise, I am busy exploring this amazing country and learning so much about its culture, every minute of every day, and no time for computer talk. An interesting ride to Flores, bumpy and again back on twisting roads. The ride was not as fun as a chicken bus, my favourite way to travel here, but I have not seen any chicken buses the last few days on the routes I need to travel. I ended up in the front row of our van today and I wish I hadn’t,  as I was sure the driver was going to kill us all with the seemingly excessive speed he was going. I guess he is used to the scary roads here and actually must be a very good driver! I was feeling very nostalgic as I looked out the side window, trying to take my eyes off the road. Dogs, tiendas, families and individuals walking, hauling huge loads on their backs up and down hill, the little kids alongside the road, running who knows where, the beautiful Mayan clothing on the women, the cowboy hats on the men, mountains, beautiful flowering bushes, crop after crop of corn growning in the most unlikely places, etc etc. I saw lots of women down by the water scrubbing the family’s laundry, others carrying huge tubs filled with washed garments on their heads. I noticed a lot of thatched roofs on houses and other image imagebuildings that I had not noticed before. I am going to miss all of this. We stopped in Coban for a lunch break and I walked up to the market and grabbed a couple of things. We were making good time, expecting to arrive in the 7 hours time frame, when we encountered a big delay at a water crossing we had to make on a ferry. So we all got out of the van, got some snacks at the local tienda, and watched. It was incredible to see that this ferry, which was transporting such heavy loads, was actually powered by a 75 horsepower  engine, being manned by a worker sitting at the side of the ferry in a little carrier with a thatched roof!  Couldn’t resist the treats a young man offered which he had prepared..chose a cocoanut treat which was delicious! Finally made it to Los Amigos hostel, which I had prebooked, met up with my Swedish friends, out for supper together, then back to the dorm we are sharing and lights out..I have to be ready at 3:00 am; they are heading out at 5:00 lights out early. Love this hostel..incredible atmosphere and everyone is so friendly..people from all over the world all coming together..I see just one other person on a computer..everyone is playing cards, talking, eating, playing pool..😄


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  1. Kathy, I am inspired by your solo travels and stories! You are young at heart.
    Janet and I studied in Coban a couple of years ago. The clothing and culture are so different from Xela.
    You’ll have seen almost every region of Guataemala- you could write a book!
    Safe and happy kat travels to you!

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