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El Portal

February 28, 2015

imageimageDay 43 Thursday, Fimageebruary 26, 2015

I was really in a quandary last night trying to decide my plans for today and was still undecided this morning. I had 3 choices swirling around in my head. One: remain at the Elretiro Hostal and enjoy the day there; two:  jump on the bus to Flores where I am going next as some othimageer friends I have made were doing that; three: catch a shuttle to a new hostal( hostel in Spanish) El Portal which is within walking distance  to Semuc Champey and only 50 quetzales ( about $8) to spend the day in this magnificent place. So the third choice won out and I m so happy I made that choice. Before leaving , however, I had the most delicious French Toast for breakfast and the person I was eating with did not finish his, so I shared the leftovers with a cute little doggie who was looking pretty hungry. It was a gorgeous day today and I spent the whole time  at Semuc Champey in the water, climbing over rocks to all the pools , jumping in and also just relaxing. Yesterday with the tour we only had about one hour there and this is such a unique place I thought I needed to maximize my experiences,  which I did.  I noticed the sign today to climb to the lookout which I did yesterday and it said “difficult” 1.2 km each way, so skipped that part today! Again, so easy to strike conversations with people, all who are travelling and met some really nice folks! Back to the hostal about 5:00 pm ..did not see Horado but many other little children trying to sell things and with much the same line as Horado used re “buy now, pay later, remember my name”..I asked about school and I am suspicious that these dear little children are helping the family make a living and school is not happening..very sad. When I wrote my blog yesterday I forgot to mention re the tubing we did down the river after the cave experience. It was so much fun, like the lazy river rides at the water parks, only  this really is the lazy river. I was hoping to do more of that but ran out of time. Back to the hostal, which is very beautiful, right alongside the river, with beautiful grounds. I am in a little cottage sharing the dorm with a super interesting guy from the US and 2 lovely young men from Argentina. I have only done hostelling a few times before. It now think for someone like myself, travelling solo, it is the best way to go and I love it! Supper with imageUS Adam and off to bed in good time, as I must catch my bus to Flores at 7:00 am..about a 7 hour journey I believe..if we are lucky!😀

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  1. Farrah permalink

    This post put a huge smile on my face. I just am so happy that you are experiencing this amazing adventure. Can’t wait to give you a big hug. xxxx

    • Thanks, Farrah..I am loving it and see now that I am okay alone..I have met so many amazing ” friends”…😄ox

  2. suzanne permalink

    yes hostel or hostals now are the way to go for sure…. and so happy you fed the little doggies too….. what a life time of experiences you have had. cant wait to see and hear more…

    • I have to get busy as there is so much more I want to see and do and so many awesome projects to volunteer with. I urge everyone to do this when they are young as it is the best education and you CAN travel CHEAP, especially if you are volunteering. Xo😄

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