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Bumpy Ride to Lanquin

February 25, 2015

Day 41 February 24, 2015 Tuesday What a busy day, as I sit in my 5 bed dorm room at El Retiro Hostal in Lanquin, writing my blog . I see one other backpack on one of the beds but have not met anyone yet, having arrived only 1/2 an hour ago. It was a long bus ride, leaving Rio Dulce at 2:00 pm and only arriving here about 9:00 pm. We did not expect the ride to be so long, as we were advised a 4-5 hour ride at most. The van holds 14 passengers and I was so happy to see my Swedish friends from Hotel Kangaroo taking the same bus. I sat with them at the back and we had a couple from Australia, Germany, Israel, France and 3 locals. They were all young couples and as always ever so nice to me. Fun to meet people from all over the world and hear where they have been and where they are going and chances are we will meet again as some of us have simimage

Suicide alley.

Suicide alley.


ilar plans. It was a very bumpy, rougimageh and narrow road that weimage travelled on and lots of corkscrew turns again as we made our way up the mountains. Looking out my side window was especially scary, as one wrong move and we were falling into oblivion. It was even more worrisome when dark set in. It was astonishing to see one local man the driver picked up, loading several huge bags onto the top of the bus himself. He was not a young man and he hoisted them up, balancing on his neck, climbed the ladder and unloaded least 7 different loads. I felt sorry for him but knew I would be of no help by the obvious weight of them. I wondered where he was taking them..maybe to a market in Lanquin? This morning I said goodbye to Ken, Janet, Liza and Karen as they are on their way home..lucky me I get another week to enjoy this beautiful weather and beautiful country. It was wonderful hanging out with these lovely people for the last 4 weeks. After they left I headed to the Main Street for a last walk to take in the locals I love to watch, but it started to rain, so headed back to be ready for my boat pickup at 9:30 am. Lovely 2 hour boat ride across the bay back to Rio Dulce..what a busy town. I can understand why they call the main street “suicide alley” with the huge trucks roaring through the narrow street, with markets set up all along the street and total confusion. Apparently someone was killed just last week. What I do not like about these boats rides is there is no life jackets and I do not feel safe. I always tell my children to never get into a boat without a life jacket , so I was a bit stressed and I will try to find an inflatable travel one for future travels for my own safety! I was happy to hear from a couple of people today about some vets that DO come and donate their services to round up the stray dogs, check their health, clean them up, provide meds and neuter or spay them.That was good news, as it is so disheartening to see so many beautiful, unloved dogs running loose and some you can easily tell are not well and starving! Every little bit helps but a long way to go! Happily, I survived my first day on my own and look forward to an exciting day tomorrow. 😄


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  1. grad76 permalink

    Looks like fun

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  2. Barbara permalink

    I hope you meet many like-minded travellers on this last leg of your trip.

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